Monday, May 15, 2006


As you know, I have been stressing out these past few months in preparation of when I leave to WV for the divorce hearing. I was so concerned about what to do with sweet lil' Max. I didn't want to leave him but didn't think it was possible for him to come with me. I looked into full time nursing but the cost was over $1000 a day! And I would need to be gone for at least four days. Plus no one "knows" him like I do, so I was nervous something would be missed. And every minute away I would be freaking out and missing him like crazy.

Sooooooo after MUCH deliberation, I have decided to have Max come with me! YIKES! I am very, very excited but incredibly nervous at the same time. It took weeks and weeks (literally) to arrange this. From getting special permission from the various specialists involved to preparing for all the equipment and oxygen needs on the flight...WOW! Lots and lots to arrange. Traveling with an infant on oxygen is extremely complicated and expensive! Some airlines could not even have him because of the type of equipment they use.

Even with the airline we did choose, I will have to hold a mask up to him the entire trip because their meter flow is so high and he doesn't require that much oxygen. Hmmm...this should be a very interesting trip. And the airlines don't provide oxygen at the airport or during your layovers, so I still have additional planning there.

It cost $400 for the oxygen and I also had to purchase an extra seat for him. Any one on oxygen has to have their own seat.

So lots of money and lots of planning, but at least my lil' man will be with me! Can you imagine how OCD I will be on the plane? If someone even sneezes within ten feet, I will be hosing them down with Purell!

Eliz and Thomas might be joining us on the plane trip too, so that could be fun! And then Jim and Jackson will meet us a few days later in Wheeling.

*** And since Maxwell is returning with me, we decided it was a perfect opportunity to celebrate his upcoming birthday (and possibly a baptism)! What an event/s to celebrate!!!! :) I will be posting details soon (most likely it will be the afternoon of Sunday, June 4th) and we also will be sending invites out to family and friends, but if I miss you, please just email me ( and let me know! I definitely want to thank his fan club in person for all the love and support and I know you would love to meet Mighty Max! :)


Cedie L Mock said...

Love the purell visual! I definitely know what you mean! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your big adventure..Maybe this is your time to show the judge what it took for you to get there with little one.

Ruthie said...

I am so excited for you both! Max has no idea how much love he is going to get! I am really happy that you will be able to do this. I think, even though its a horrible reason to have to return to WV, you will get alot of love and support from your little trip. And as far as the other passengers go, have the stewardess hose them down with Lysol before they are even allowed on the plane! If they don't let that happen, kindly inform them that you can be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to your son! So excited for you.
Take care-

michelle f said...

This is the best news that I have heard in a long time!! Max is coming to WV! He has so many fans here. Unfortunately for Vic, we vote!!!

It will be great for the judge to see what you and Max go through just to go out for a little while much less travel that far. Be sure to video some of the traveling - it might be helpful in court!

I have to agree with Cedie's mom. The visual on the purell bath was great. I can totally see me doing that too!

elle said...

yay then he can see wat you go through YAY