Sunday, May 14, 2006


Apparently Maxwell did not get the memo that today was Mother's Day and getting a good night's sleep is the best way for mommies to celebrate! :)

Unfortunately Max was not feeling well and we were up most of the night. He was trying to cough up his secretions and was having a difficult time clearing his airway, and then he would get very upset. So the night was filled with a lot of suctioning and a lot of comforting...and definitely a lot of begging. "Please Maxwell please...let's go to sleep. Just an hour, just an hour Max." It's amazing how good an hour of sleep can sound when you're tired, isn't it???

So I started our special day quite exhausted...however, I quickly got a ring at the doorbell with a Starbucks and breakfast delivery by my sister Elizabeth!!! She knows how much I love my Starbucks!!! What a sweet way to start the day. Thanks Eliz!!! :)

We all went to church together, and Maxwell actually was "talking" enough that we had to leave the service! It was so funny but I definitely didn't want to discourage his "verbal development" so we just headed out. Then we went to a friend's for a Mother's Day brunch to celebrate and enjoy some yummy food. It was fun but difficult at the same time. Seeing all of these healthy children running around and laughing...all healthy and strong. It can be bittersweet to be around other children. I am so happy for them, but I just want the same for Maxwell and I have no idea what the future holds for him.

It was a wonderful day but I have to say it was A LOT more emotional than I expected it to be. Being a single mom with a special needs child was certainly was not what I envisioned motherhood to be. This new life, this new path that God has presented to me, has challenged me and rewarded me more than anything in my life.

And on a day like today I find myself reflecting...what will next Mother's Day be like? Will Max actually be able to play with the other kiddos? Will he be sitting? Will he be able to crawl? Where will he be developmentally? And most importantly, will he be happy and healthy?

So many unknowns await us, but one thing I know for certain...I was hand chosen to be Mighty Max's mommy and for that I am incredibly grateful. :) I feel so truly blessed on this Mother's Day to have him in my life and will do every thing possible to give him the very best life has to offer! And whenever I get down, hopefully Max will learn that a quick "happy dance" does the trick and I'll be good to go again!!! :)


Anonymous said...

hold your head up high girl..So proud of you for making it through your first mother's day.

Glad you had fun with Eliz tonight..

elle said...

hes a cutie love that ;pic think max bday is close to mine to hwo cool is that go you great people go

Ruthie said...

Amy, it seems that nothing is ever what we think it will be. But one thing we know for sure is, that you have a beautiful little boy who loves you dearly. You can see that so clearly in the pictures you take of him. You are an amazing person and I think everyday we should all celebrate you and all the other moms out there who do amazing jobs each and every day. Keep up the great work.
Take care-

Amy said...

So great to meet you and Max around town this weekend after following his story online! Such a cutie!
Happy Mother's Day to a mom who's make a tremendous difference in her child's life.