Wednesday, May 17, 2006


For those of you who know me really well, I can get quite passionate about my latest "hobby"...whatever it may be! Gardening, scrapbooking, whatever...if I get excited about it, you cannot tear me away from it for days and days! But with a special needs kiddo, it is difficult to have this "passionate" behavior, because there is only so much time in a day! And he definitely takes up nearly all my time...but fortunately the last few days we have timed his naps appropriately and we have been up VERY early and I have managed to squeeze in a hour here, an hour there.

Gardening is a wonderful way for me to release stress...all that weed pulling and digging and working up a good sweat is a perfect way to forget your worries! Before I had Maxwell, we had two miscarriages and you could not rip me away from the garden...I was covered in dirt for weeks after each one. Luckily it is very inexpensive and productive therapy!!! :) I highly recommend it!

So this past week I started looking around my yard and thinking that I need to do something. My two dogs LOVE to dig and with all the commotion this past year, I have pretty much allowed them to get away with it. But now it is time for the repair work to begin!

My plan is to fill in spaces around the house with rock gardens and yesterday I had the rocks delivered. I had no idea of the magnitude of this project!! It will definitely take me a very, very long time to transport these rocks to the back yard! But what a great workout! The outcome won't be anything too exciting but at least it will help prevent the dogs' constant dirty paws and my yard won't look like a bomb went off!!!

The past few days I have been up at 5 a.m. because Max is awake so I have actually managed to squeeze in several morning hours to this project. I know it sounds crazy to be gardening at 5 a.m. but when you are exhausted, you just gotta keep moving or you will I have chosen to keep busy, busy, busy. But yes, I know once of these days this lack of sleep is going to catch up with me! I'm worried once it does that I won't wake up for weeks!!! :)

I was paying someone to do a lot of my yard work before and I probably will have to resort to that again because there is only so much time in a day...but right now, I needed some stress relief and I also needed to try and save some cash! :)

Fortunately, I have three lil' helpers in this project...Barney, Shakespeare and Maxwell. Actually Barney and Shakespeare just like to sit in any of the holes they dig or they find the new ones I am using for plants and have fun in them. And Maxwell typically uses this time to play in his chair or take a little nap. If he is not snoozing, I feel that we should be doing therapy so I tend to only work when he is indeed catching ZZZ's.

Today we have several appointments for Max and he is a little cranky anyway for some reason. But maybe this evening I will get a chance to move at least some of the rocks and make some progress on the gardens! If only Max were able to help, this project would be done a lot sooner! One more reason to work hard on his therapy...need to get him big and strong so he can help his mommy around the house!!! :)


Ruthie said...

Amy you are insane! That's all I can say. But girl I love ya' for it! If that's what helps, do it!
Take care-

kathryn biel said...

Have fun gardening, but don't worry about so much therapy--seeing Mommy happy and relaxed is the best therapy you can give Max!

ang said...

don't overwhelm yourself too much with your projects girl..take care of yourself.

love to you

elle said...

cool love the pics

Drew said...

Barney and Shakes went through all that trouble to beautify your backyard and you're just going to put rocks over their hardwork?? ;-)

Moving that much gravel/rock is, indeed, a very good workout. You'll be sore!

What a great way to spend time with all three boys!