Saturday, May 27, 2006


The plans are set! YAY! :) And it looks like Max is on the mend and will be "safe" (relatively speaking!) to fly.

The birthday celebration for the miraculous, beautiful, amazing MIGHTY MAX is on Saturday, June 3rd at my parent's home in Wheeling. If I missed you on the invite list, please accept my apologies and just send me an email ( for more info.

On Sunday the 4th, Max and his cousin Tom Tom will be baptized at our family church, Saint Matthew's in Wheeling. Maxwell had an emergency baptism in the hospital but I wanted a more "official" baptism with family surrounding him.

I have been crazy busy doing last minute preparations with medical equipment/prescriptions/formula and making oxygen arrangements, arranging for therapy devices in Wheeling, etc. etc. etc. There is SOOO much to pack for him...I thought I always packed too much for myself, but wow he takes it to an entirely new level of high maintainence!!! :) And of course we have the final preparations for the divorce hearing too. But I try to not think about that too much!

Just a few more days and we are heading east. Should be quite the adventure!!! :)


Anonymous said...

You busy beaver..Saying prayers for the best results for you on the divorce, Max on his needs being met, and for you to have an all around good time.

elle said...

good luck with it all pls send pics of the party to charghe land or of course u can direct them to here one how exciting hes a fighter like me

Rixmanns said...

Amy, so happy to hear he's clear to fly. We will be praying for your trip, that you will be able to enjoy your beautiful boy, showing him off to so many who love you. We pray for your strength, wisdom and for favor with those making decisions regarding your future. You are an amazing mom.

kathryn biel said...


Have a great trip (aside from the original purpose). Cannot wait to see pictures from the big weekend!

Good luck, and hope all goes as you need it to.


Steph said...

Yay! So excited to see you guys this weekend!!!

Good luck with the flight...hope things go smoothly.


Lisa W. said...

I hope Max has a SUPER time at his big bash...

Drew said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys and celebrating Max's b-day. See ya soon.