Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Mommy has been super busy and very tired lately (wonder why???) but I asked her if she could take a quick second and post some photos. Hope you enjoy! :) Oh and thanks everyone for the many thoughts and prayers this week. I know I have been giving Mommy a hard time...I keep telling my heart and lungs to behave but they aren't listening! Sorry Mom! Anyway, we are deeply grateful for your support!!!

Notice the nasal prongs on my oxygen cannula? That's my lil' trick. I rub my face and pull them out of my nose...and then I desat and Mommy comes running! hee hee :)

This was taken at the farmer's market (by a fan club member!!!) a few weeks ago. I was feeling pretty good that day so Mom thought it might be fun to get out and about. We were having a major case of cabin fever so some sunshine and fresh air (and fun food for Mommy!) did the trick!

Boy, did I have quite the fan club at the market! I was a celebrity! All these really nice strangers came up to my mom asking, "Is this Mighty Max???" Everyone was so excited to meet me!!! They had read about me in the paper and watched my story on the news...and many have been regularly following the blog. Thanks everyone...great to meet you! :)

Here is my Aunt Elizabeth and my cousin Thomas...lovingly nicknamed "Baby Monster" by his big brother. Tom Tom is big, strong and gets around like crazy! He's quite impressive in my eyes.

Can I sport a hat or what???

This is Kim, my speech pathologist. She is helping me with my hearing and speech. AND we have lots of fun together. She and Mommy make all kinds of crazy sounds to get me to turn my head. It's very funny, but they definitely know what they are doing...because I am starting to show progress! YAY for me!

LOOK AT ME!!! :) I am making great strides with my Bumbo seat!!! I can now sit in it for nearly 20 minutes! Mommy is absolutely thrilled with me!!! It has taken nearly six months of daily work but I finally am learning to sit in this seat. (Without the seat, I have a LONG way to go until I can sit...but hey progress is progress!!!)


Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Great photos Max and Amy! I love the picture of the two of you at the Farmers Market! You two look fantastic.

Kristy, Ray, and Dylan

elle said...

cool pics

Ruthie said...

What a beautiful family! Way to go Max on sitting for sooo long! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

angiejk said...

I have two wonderful little boys of my own, but for some reason, Max just gets me!! Everytime I read about his strides in growth and see his happy face I get a little teary eyed just knowing God works such miracles. The internet is a powerful tool. It is nice to "know" you through only that means. Best wishes.


ang said...

What great accomplishments Max..So happy for you..Thank you for the updates and pictures!

Drew said...

You guys really do take a nice picture! Nicely done with the Bumble seat Mr. Maxwell. It's great to see your progress and really nice to see you hold your head up so well. We miss all you guys!


Steph said...

Yay Maxwell! Looks like you've made amazing progress sitting up since we've seen excited to see for myself next week!!!!!!!

And I remember those silly noises your Mommy and Kim make during your speech therapy...I'm sooooo happy that you're making progress there too!

Love you lots,
Steph (the lady with the hair you love to hold)

p.s. Adorable pics as always! Love the one with you and your Mommy!

Moriah (zandysmom) said...

Thanks for sharing those pics Max :). You're awfully cute & I know that even though you're keeping mommy really busy she;s overjoyed at how adorable you are.

Yeah or sitting in our sBumbo seat little guy! That's BIG news!

Moriah (zandysmom) said...

omg I meant "your" bumbo seat, not our Bumbo seat. I hit publish too fast :>

Lisa W. said...

Max you are pretty amazing - just like your mom!