Wednesday, June 28, 2006


This morning Mommy had to take our dog Barney to the vet's...again. Man, this dog is totally trying to compete with me for attention! :)

She had to get a nurse to watch over me, but we were limited on time. So she quickly raced over to the vet, and sure enough, she was busted! Lights and sirens...and nope, she didn't get out of it! I bet she would have if I had been with her! Major bummer. An extra $100 just doesn't fit into our tight budget right now! Mom will have to be more careful next time.

I'm letting Mom off on this one though because she was very anxious to get Barney to the vet. Yesterday she discovered a lump on his back and was quite concerned it would be a cancerous tumor. He hasn't had the best health this year, so it wouldn't be too much of a shock. FORTUNATELY, the vet thinks it may just be a reaction to his recent vaccinations. Yippee! What a relief! Mom and I were very, very worried. She absolutely adores Mr. Barney, and I think I will too someday...that is IF he ever pays any attention to me!!!


Anonymous said...

No more scares, no more sirens!!
Glad to hear Barney is gonna be ok..YAHOOOOOOOOO

Ruthie said...

Barney just needed a little "mom" time. But I'd say after the whole siren incident, he won't be asking for that special time for a while!

Drew said...


Glad the little fella is ok!


elle said...

stupid people y did they have to do that to u

elle said...

stupid people y did they have to do that to u