Tuesday, June 27, 2006


We have lots and lots to update (wonderful birthday party, first day at "school," developmental milestones!, adorable photos) but it's been a very busy few days with little time on the computer.

But I did want to take a quick second and request thoughts and prayers for Max's friend, Evan. He has been having a difficult several days at Children's with respiratory problems. He was transferred back to the PICU over the weekend and is now on the dreaded nose hose "CPAP." Fortunately he is letting the machine help him breathe and not fighting it too much. (Max absolutely despised his time on the hose.) But hopefully this is giving Evan's lung a break from all the labored breathing.

On a personal note, it particularly pains me to see Evan in the hospital because he has tended to be the "stronger" one (b/w him and Max) as far as less serious medical issues. So to see him in the hospital hits close to home and how quickly Max could be in the hospital. At the party this weekend some of us were talking about how unbelievable it is that Max has been able to stay out of the hospital this long. The doctors all thought it would be more of a revolving door relationship! Don't get any ideas from your friend Max...we know how you two tend to mimic each other's events!

So Evan, it's time for your bug to leave your body and for you to leave the hospital! Even though you do look kinda cute as a patient, we like you MUCH better at home playing with your toys! :)

*** Jeremy, is the cafeteria food bringing back memories yet??? Today is "appetizer" day at lunchtime. Always a greasy favorite of mine when Max was having a particularly difficult day.

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elle said...

LOL hope ehs godo soon