Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Evan is still in the PICU and now Miss Cedie has been readmitted as well. Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers.

On a side note, Mr. Maxwell had me a little worried this morning. He has recovered very well from his cold but still is gagging and vomiting more often than usual. He did several times this morning and also felt a little warm, but I think all is well (relatively speaking). I am *hoping* this is not a Nissen/Gtube issue...we definitely don't want to have that surgery done over anytime soon!

Yesterday was quite odd. Maxwell usually takes two one-hour naps in the day, but yesterday he took a four hour AND three hour nap. It was soooo strange! For most moms, that sounds like a dream come true...but I was a little concerned. I kept checking on him...and checking on him...and checking on him again!!! I think he has been soooo busy with development these past few weeks (BIG changes!) that his body is needing time to recover. He is getting so much more active, alert and strong. His occupational therapist yesterday was amazed with his progress! Throughout our session, I had tears in my eyes because I was so proud!!! :)


ang said...

whoohoo..Yeah Max!! Go Monkey Boy go!!!

I read Evans and Cede's blogs early this morning. Saying prayers and hope they start recovering quickly.


Ruthie said...

Ya' know, everyone needs a really good nap once in a while. And in Max's case, with all the partying and traveling and visitors he's had, I'd say he finally realized that he didn't have to entertain anymore. All of us need a good growing session anyways, Max is definitely included in that!
Take care-

Cedie L Mock said...

We are back home. Thank you for the prayers. Fortunately it is just an ear infection and tracheaitis (Cedie may feel different about the "just" :)). The whole story is on her site.

Also, Cedie has been gagging alot after her feeds recently as well. Nothing comes up but it looks painful. Her whole face turns bright red. One more thing for us to watch...

Anyway, glad you had such a great b-day party!

Love, Jenn & Cedie

elle said...

maybe he was trying to fight of bugs sleepimg is good for that