Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Another sweet lil' baby CHARGEr has passed away. We, including her parents, were all quite shocked because Zoey was doing so well. Such a beautiful girl! They said she was cooing and smiling the moments right before she turned blue. The dad attempted CPR on her, but the paramedics believe her heart (she has the same Tetralogy of Fallot defect as Maxwell) gave out and that is why she passed so quickly.

Just last week I responded to the mom's posts about Zoey's milestones and was just in awe of how great she was doing. And now she is gone...so strange.

Another CHARGE baby (in South Africa) passed away recently too. It is always eye opening for CHARGE parents to learn of this news. Even though we know the statistics, we don't like to think of them in terms of our kiddos and our friend's kiddos.

Please keep Zoey Faith and Cherise in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.


elle said...

very true i know max has come close to that and the miricacle is now 13 months and ive c ome c lose a few times befor and look at me LOL but most chargers when they die i believe it is befor they r one coz thats how old most of the ones i read about r they r at least a few week or a few months so i believe and hope theres a good chance for you and max now just wish i could say that bout ur ex to LOL acutaly i wonder if you coudl show him about those who have died jsut a thought i know you dotn like us posting bout him but is just an idea i have if you search in archives how many chargers have died and then take that to the next hearing they will see how charge really is might seem stupid but just a thought and it jsut occured to me and i no u like ideas lol

Lori said...

We will certainly keep these families in our prayers... and will hold our babies a little tighter tonight.
What a shocking loss for these families.
lots of love and hugs to you all--

rebecca said...

So sorry to hear the horrible news. I will keep both familes (and all CHARGE familes) in my thoughts and prayers. Give Maxwell a big wet kiss from the 3 of us.