Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Thank you everyone for the very supportive emails. It was just one of those days and this morning wasn't quite better. Talked with his craniofacial doctor and Maxwell probably needs yet another surgery. This disorder ("the midline defect") really is crazy, just crazy. It can impact each and every little part in a body....sooooo frustrating.

I'll explain later this week about everything that is happening...just not ready right now. Nothing horribly new...just a reality check for me and that can be discouraging sometimes. And sometimes when I am feeling the most frustrated or discouraged, I want to keep those feelings inside because they are too painful to share. Hopefully later this week I will once again be able to share with a more optimistic approach.

So in the meantime, we focused on a fun morning. Max loves when I bounce on the bed and I got him smiling with that...however, that also made him vomit. Nice Mom, real nice. I felt horrible! Then we assembled Max's new exersaucer that we bought yesterday. I had heard about this one and have been super excited to get it!!! (Instead of being on the inside of the toy, the child rotates on the outside!) We are developing quite an assortment, but I think it is worth it since it will take him a long time to strengthen his legs and torso for walking. Here are some super cute photos from this morning. Enjoy! :)

Can you find me???

Here I am!!! :)

Look at all these fun gadgets...cool! (And the music is really loud, which is quite helpful for a guy like me! Bonus!)

That toy over there looks interesting...maybe if I just s-t-r-e-t-c-h my arm real far I can get it.

Ok, I'm pooped. This toy is super fun, but I need a break. This fast breathing really takes a lot for a lil' guy.


RebeccaA said...


I loved the pictures of Max in his new activity center. Take care of yourself and cherish Max's victories - and yours!

Cameron and Nathan's mom

Ruthie said...

Awesome new toy. And he really looks like he loves it! Love the pictures. Hang in there-
Take care too-

Mary Karr said...


I always worry when you skip posting. I have noticed that usually means bad news that you have not yet absorbed. I fully understand.

As your other friends have written you, just take one day at a time. Maxwell and God are in charge. No doctor can be sure what or when something will happen.

Maxwell has come so far. He is happy and knows that he is loved. The way those beautiful eyes shine and his sweet smile comes when he sees you; the way he tugs on your dad's mustache; the way he watches everything Jackson does....

You give 100% of yourself 24/7. No one could do a better job than you. You and your little boy are very loved.

Cedie L Mock said...

Keep your head up Amy. I think it is neat how interactive Max is with his toys. Cedie hasn't quite gotten to that point yet. Maybe she needs a cool toy like that... you'll have to let me know what it is called and where I can get her one (when you have the chance).
Also, you can tell how happy Max always is. That these kids can be so happy while life is being so unfair to them is just inspiring.

Love, Jennifer and Cedie

Steph said...

Hey Amy,

We're all here to listen whenever you want to post/talk/whatever. And we're always thinking of you and Maxwell and the amazing progress that you're making. You guys are such a great team...many, many, many more happy dances and successes are in your future.

Give Max a big hug and kiss from me! I'm hoping for some brighter days for you both very soon...


Lori said...

Amy and Max-- You two really ARE a great team in this whole adventure. It seems that Max knows when Mommy needs a little pep talk, and those smiles are worth a million words! Keep looking to each other for inspiration and know that God is still in control here-- despite how chaotic it may seem to the rest of us....
love to you both--
the Mellos

elle said...

just to cute for words dont even no how the drs can do anythign with him hes so cute LOL