Thursday, September 28, 2006


Yep, another specialist has joined my team. I think that might be #15 or so. Yikes, quite a large team I have.

The new specialty is urology. During my endocrinology clinic this week, they decided (after a gazillion residents "checked" me out) that my undescended testicle will need surgery. Urology is the team who will handle that. Next week I will get an ultrasound to confirm their diagnosis and then we will proceed forward. Surgery would probably happen in the next two months.

Other endocrine issues will not be evident for several more years. And the major issues will not be prevalent until puberty time. Some CHARGErs don't experience puberty naturally and therefore it must be decided if they should/should not be assisted with hormones. There is much debate on this issue depending on the cognitive level/medical status of the child.

As far as growth hormone, we should know in approximately one year if I need it. But for now, they are satisfied with my growth. I definitely am on the small side (still not on the chart) and they believe I always will be. Small stature though is part of CHARGE, so that news was not a shock. The important part is that I am making steady progress!

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elle said...

wow another speicalist hope this one goes well