Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Every time Max's lungs worry our doctors, we must get a xray of his poor lil' lungs. It is never, ever easy. They put him in a torture device which holds him still for a good "capture" of the lungs. I always forget to bring my camera, but Cedie's mom did not. Check this out (link below). Understand why I always dread the much too often lung xray?

Cedie's Blog: http://cedielynn.blogspot.com/
Look at the "9/24 Day at the ER" entry


Jaye said...

Poor wonderful little Max! I wish we could all take turns having the testing done for you little Max! You go through so much with that little body of yours! No wonder you are called Mighty Max!!!
Hang in there little buddy!

michelle f said...

Oh Max! This breaks my heart to see this horrible thing. Surely someone could invent something that isn't so done right awful.

I haven't been able to read the blog in a while due to some health problems here in WV. It was wonderful to see all of the milestones that you have reached. You and your Mommy are the most amazing people.

Give your Mommy some extra snuggles! They really do make things feel better!


RebeccaA said...

Wow! What a device. When Cameron was little they had a chair we strapped him into but it didn't have the plastic tubing - what a way to freak a child out! Yikes!

Rixmanns said...

oh, amy, that breaks my heart. how awful. i am so sorry for all your sweetie must go through, and for all your mommy heart must endure. Praying for your peace and for continued progress for little Max.

Anonymous said...

someone just ripped my heart out and stomped on the floor with it..kill it and be done with it. that is the worst in-humane contraption I have seen in a long time..I am so sorry for you and Maxwell. My heart aches and bleeds for you both.

Hugs and kisses to you both

Ruthie said...

I have no idea how you and Max continue to deal with these situations. Love your little hearts. You are an amazing woman. Max you are an amazing little boy.
Thank you for sharing that with us. I think we all understand alot better.
Take care-

Lori said...

Oh, these children are going to grow up with such endurance! Bless your heart, Mighty Maxwell, and precious Cedie... and every other little one who has to endure such trauma!
Love to you all--

elle said...

yeah i thought that pic was quite funny when i sawit yesterday LOOL

MarkCoyle said...

I am sorry but that picture is NOT funny at all. Its horrible. Poor Poor Maxwell.

Diane said...

No, it is definitely not funny. It is horrible. Love your little hearts. Hang in there little ones, we are praying so hard for all of you.

Pearl said...

What a horrible contraption. How come the medical community can find the money/time to create things like Rogaine and Viagra, but they can't seem to invent a less tortorous device for poor little kiddos like Max and Cedie?