Thursday, September 28, 2006

OUR HOTEL ADVENTURE can we sum up our hotel adventure? It was a challenge, that's for sure!

Mom had A LOT of equipment to pack up and then bring in from the car. Oxygen tanks, feeding pump and pole, monitor, supplies, etc. and then all the usual mom/baby stuff. The problem was that she couldn't hold me and carry things in. She tried, that didn't work! (I don't hang on like a normal kiddo so Mom has to be extra careful with me.)

Then I was insistent all night on taking my cannula out of my nose. If I wasn't desatting because of that, my portable O2 tank was empty. As you can see, I kept my mom up all night long. But that earned her a Starbucks latte in the morning and she was happy with that!

All in all, we managed...and we can check our first hotel stay off the "to do" list. :)

This is my "mini hospital" in our hotel.

I am sooo wiped out! It was a VERY long day!


Mary Karr said...

Hi Amy -

Sorry you had still another night without sleep. A night in a motel was a big adventure for Maxwell. It is so amazing the improvement to where he is this year vs where he was this time last year.

I love his cute outfit - especially the pockets. He looks like a toddler. I think a baseball cap with his pretty hair showing out around it would be adorable too.

Glad the two of you are back home.

Love, Mary

elle said...

looks like fun lol