Friday, September 22, 2006


Ok I'll admit it...the stress of being a single mom of a special needs child gets to me. I try to not let it, I really do. I try to stay focused on all of our wonderful blessings and the amazing progress of Maxwell.

But even with all the joy and love of Maxwell, there is the major stress of all of his needs and my concerns for our future. There is no denying that. (And I imagine the divorce proceedings have contributed to the stress too.)

My body has certainly felt the impact. I have been having a very difficult time breathing...and sometimes I just cannot catch my breath.

This also happened a few years ago after two miscarriages in a row and my husband (at the time) was beginning his campaign and there were rumors about his "extracurricular" activities. (At the time, I thought they were just rumors but perhaps my subconscious -- via my breathing -- was trying to tell me something about my marriage!) I was checked out by a doctor and they thought it was asthma. But we did the series of tests and all was we chalked it up to stress.

Well, the breathing issue is back BIG time, and it is really frustrating. It happens at least several times a day.

So I finally talked with my doctor (Max's doctor) about it, and he thinks it is stress. First he wants to rule out any physical issues, so he recommended a doctor and is going to get me in pronto.

I was pretty emotional about it, but he was absolutely wonderful. He was telling me that in med school they researched the various levels of stress and at what point is a person at risk for a heart attack. He put that at level 150 and then said, but Amy your stress is probably a 350! I was telling him how upset I am that my body is not cooperating and he said the fact that I am still standing is impressive in itself....and that my body is actually doing really well considering all that has happened. He and his team are so incredible with me and Maxwell...and I am so grateful. I always feel so supported by them...thank you!

Hopefully we get some answers soon, and I can overcome this breathing issue. If not, maybe I'll just check into the Chrysalis for a week long massage!

FELLOW SPECIAL NEEDS MOMS/DADS: Any suggestions? How do you cope? Ever had this breathing issue? (And does it happen in completely random times, when you feel "ok" otherwise?) Feel free to email me directly: Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I sent ya an email

MarkCoyle said...

Dont let VicMouse get to you Amy. Hang in there.

justaneverydaymom said...

Amy, I have had similar problems and literally thought I needed a heart and lung transplant. It's anxiety! I did not want to accept that diagnosis, but, I am slowly beginning to and it's getting better. Occasional meds help, though I do NOT like use them. Sometimes, we need a little help. Hopefully it isn't anything more serious and maybe you can implement alternative methods to ease your symptoms. I'll keep checking the blog to see how youare doing.Take care!

Diane said...

I, too have had the same symptoms and it was stress and anxiety. When it starts, I just try to think of somewhere I would like to be or pretend I am there at the beach, etc. You get the point. However, like already said, meds helps, although we don't like to take them. There are times we must. Take care Amy. I don't know you, but feel like we are best friends by reading your blog and remember, you are a good person, a wonderful mom and a wonderful friend. Lean on God. He will get you through all this. Trust me. I could tell you my stress related problems, but you have enough to deal with. Mine is mostly due to my family and losing my husband last year. Hang in there. That is all we can do.

Jaye said...

I agree with the other posts's stress..tension..when I was battleing cancer..and just going through the initial 'what's wrong with me phase'..the not knowing phase etc...I would find it almost impossible to breathe at times....when that happened..I would just have to take a 'mini break' and just close my eyes...deep breathe..and compose may find it really really helpful to get some yoga least you could do them at home....if its at ALL possible to take a class outside your home then do it..but you might find that the relaxation of yoga really really helps....
Hugs to you..Max's MIGHTY MOM!

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Hi Amy,

I'm sending you an email too.

Love ya.


elle said...

just b careful dotn get depression like dad coz strees can lead to it thats how he got it argth last thing max needs is u with taht LOL love u

Ruthie said...

Our bodies always let us know what is going on. Just try to pay attention to it, realize that sometimes we do have to deal with things instead of constantly pushing them aside. I'm sure that your other friends sent you wonderful advice on how to deal. Listen to them; apply what they say. And continue to hang in there and remember to try and take care of yourself occasionally.