Friday, September 22, 2006


On the way to the doctor's today, I felt some "crusty" matter on my cheek, then I noticed it was on my neck too. Yep...good ol' dried vomit from Maxwell. YUM. Does that give you an idea of our morning? Poor lil' Max was coughing, sneezing and gagging so much that he vomited many, many times. It was a continuous cycle of coughing, vomiting, suctioning, comforting.

I gave him a warm bath to soothe him and clean him off but neglected to clean the vomit off me too! Oh well, at least I had changed my shirt (for the third time this morning).

Soooo...basically we are just going to keep a close eye on him (what's new?), increase his breathing treatments, and definitely make sure he isn't getting any sicker. He's a little warm, but not running a high fever at this point.

He definitely is not himself right now...quite cranky and sad. Lots of whimpering in between his coughing. But hopefully we will kick this over the weekend. We don't have a nurse again tonight, and tomorrow I had to cancel my plans because there was a new nurse starting...and this definitely isn't a good time for a new nurse on her own! The vomiting out of the nose and aspiration risk is a bit frightening for Max "newbies!"

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