Thursday, September 21, 2006


Yep, that's right! Yet ANOTHER incredible milestone for me, Mighty Max! I finally am getting the strength to get on all fours...soooooo exciting! :)

Remember my upper body is a little (ok, a lot) on the weaker side, so this is a BIG improvement for me! MAJOR! Mom and I cannot wait to get together with our OT/PT...they are going to be very, very, very excited! We have been working on this for months!!! Just to be silly, I don't usually like to perform all my tricks for my OT/PT, so Mom made sure to take photos for proof!

This was right before my bath. Mom was trying to get me to taste pureed carrots...that was a lot of fun. Everywhere but my mouth! :)

Ok this is how I start.

And presto, I AM UP! Yippee!

...then back down! Opps!

I'm going to try this again! Can someone please move this chair though?

*This amazing moment was yesterday...before I started to get sick again. I started vomiting last night and didn't improve much today. Oxygen levels were up and breathing treatments had to be increased. Plus I have been a tad cranky and crying quite a lot. Mom is taking me to the doctor tomorrow morning just to make sure nothing serious is brewing. Hopefully this passes soon so I can get back to the amazing adventures of Mighty Max!!!


Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Wow Max! Can you just be any more amazing? Congratulations!

Dylan (and Kristy)

Jaye said...

Ok Mr. Mighty are going to have to pace yourself!!! You are making progress in leaps and bounds and we can't keep up with you!! And with the way you are going, it looks like mommy won't be able to keep up with you soon!!
Amy...Max's progress just warms my heart...he is SUCH a fighter...and SUCH an inspiration!! You have every right to be PROUD PROUD PROUD of this wonderful boy!!

Sarah Key Storrs said...

Yeah beat me at this one!

Mom and Dad have been working with me on this too, and I can get on my knees (chest on the floor) or up on my hands (trunk and legs on the floor). I just can't quite get it all together yet.

Maybe they just don't have the proper motivation yet...I still don't like my teeth being brushed. I might try to crawl away from that!

Sarah Key Storrs said...

That last post was from Evan!

RebeccaA said...

Wya to go Max! You are on a roll this week! We're so proud of you!

Cameron and Nathan's mom

Mary Karr said...

Oh, Maxwell, how wonderful! You certainly are able to hold your head up well too! I am so amazed at how fast you are progressing. All the efforts by you and Mommy are getting super results.

I hope that you are feeling better today.

I love you,
"Auntie" Mary

Heather said...

I wish I could make the font bigger here because "Woo-hoo!" is being shouted! So, so, cool to see. I think everyone reading is doing a little version of Max's "happy dance" in thier seats as they read this!

Anonymous said...

YEAH I can leave comments again!!

OH Maxwell I am so excited for you!!! I know that this is great progress..I know that mommy has been your greatest ALI and your greatest CHEERLEADER!!! you are doing so great...I am so proud of you MONKEYBOY!!!

I hope you are feeling on the mend..

Amy Email me when you can

Steph said...

Yay Maxwell!!!!! What an incredible milestone!!!


carolyn said...

Way to go MIGHTY MAX & INCREDIBLE AMY !!! You two certainly are a team. Max, what will you be doing next?

Hope you are feeling better. Keep us posted.

elle said...


Ruthie said...

Holy cow that is awesome Max! You are truly unbelievable! You just always seem to find more and more ways for us to be soooo proud of you! You are amazing.