Friday, December 08, 2006


I am pretty attached to Mommy these days and if she leaves the room for even a minute, I will cry or try to find her. She loves our special connection, but says it is quite difficult to get things done while holding me all the time. I haven't quite learned how to hold on yet so I am a two hander for sure! I guess I need to learn some independence...but really, isn't that overrated?

Anyway, that's the cool thing about my new mobility! :) I can try and find her if she is nearby. This morning she had the nerve (ha ha) to leave me in my bedroom while she went to the bathroom to clean out my Gtube extension and bag. Well sure enough, I was quick on her trail.

Hey I come.

On the move and getting closer...

Found you! Now I need a quick break. Perfect time for a downward dog pose.


RebeccaA said...


What a focused little boy you have there! Definitely the CHARGE traits of tenacity and determination!
Thanks for sharing.
Cameron and Nathan's mom

Anonymous said...

Awww how cute! He came looking for you. So sweet The dog looks happy too! Have a good weekend.
~Shannon :)

carolyn said...
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Anonymous said...

omg..could he be any cuter..I just want to scoop him up and hold him for ya.

Great Job Max...

PS I love the downward dog.

CrystalandEva said...

Max good for you!! Eva rolls around til she gets what shes looking for too. I hope you don't get into to much trouble and remember give mom a break once in awhile!! :)

carolyn said...

You go Max !!! And your doggy is giving his approval too.
Love & Prayers,

elle said...

LOL and theres skaespear to watch you with ur new trick

Diane said...

So adorable. He knows his mommy and he isn't going to let her get out of his sight. How precious is that. Keep it little Mighty Max. They don't make them any cuter than you.

Diane and Alex

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I found a video montage I thought I would share with you. Its a sweet little girl named Eva with CHARGE.