Monday, December 04, 2006


Mommy usually doesn't let me watch television, but we tried it out this weekend. I wasn't feeling very well and I had little energy to play. She pulled up my comfy, personalized "Maxwell" chair (love it Drew & Steph!) in front of our big TV and popped in a Baby Einstein video.

As you can see, I was pretty absorbed in the video.

(And how absolutely adorable do I look in my cozy sweatsuit???)

Wow, that is one BIG bunny.


Mary Karr said...

Maxwell, you are so absorbed with Baby Einstein that you did not pose for the camera! I have never before seen anything capture your attention so much. Wow, that is one big bunny! Mommy certainly is amazing. She has such excellent ideas.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE BABY EINSTEIN! My Mommy has been letting me watch them because I keep my glasses on while it is playing. Lots of fun!

Mommy is particularly impressed with the Baby Wordsworth one. It has Marlee Matlin in it and she shows us the signs for things around the house. Maybe you can come over and I'll share it with you. Do you think we can have pureed bananas instead of popcorn?

Dylan (and his Mommy, Kristy)

Diane said...

Mary Karr, are you the same Mary Karr that worked at Jackson and Kelly Law firm. You mentioned Kitty, your daughter, and she had the same name as your daughter. If so, hi, this is Diane Hensley, do you remember me? If not, sorry. Anyway, hi Maxwell, how adorable you are, so cute and sweet. Your own personal chair - can't beat that. You are looking some better. Keep it up big guy.

Love you,
Diane and Alex

carolyn said...

Max, you sure do look awesome in your big chair and cozy sweats. You look like you are really enjoying your video. Hope you are feeling better.
Love & Prayers !

Mark and Jaye said...

With your own big chair and comfy sweats..all you need now is your own 'weemote' (mommy can program up to four channels and YOU can play with the remote and adjust channels and volume!)...and you will be set!
You are looking a bit better! So glad to see!

CrystalandEva said...
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CrystalandEva said...

Max you are so cute in your big blue chair, we will have to find one for Eva so she can watch her baby einstein video. Hers is about signing so I love that she can learn from it. I hope you are feeling better soon with more energy and making mommy chase you all over the house.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness such a big boy. You keep melting my heart. You continue to amaze me kiddo.

elle said...

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