Tuesday, September 13, 2005


So tonight we are giving Max a bath and so as soon as I get him naked, I am teasing him saying "don't you pee on me little guy, don't you pee." And then suddenly I feel a warm sensation on my hand and sure enough he pees everywhere. Then we put him in the bath and he is looking super adorable...and then I hear a strange sound. Yep, poop (that fun seedy breast milk poop!) is now floating around his little tub. Then we get him out to change the water and I am holding him and he poops even more. He was definitely being a character tonight! Now as I do my laundry, he is happily swinging away looking up at his fish mobile. He just loves that swing!

I am HOPING for a peaceful, happy night for him (and for me and the nurses). Last night he had another unpleasant night and finally (after hours of crying) they calmed him down with some drugs. The medical team and I are completely stumped on what is going on with him! It all started when he got the fever so we are thinking it is a cold of some type that is causing him discomfort, but the only time he acts uncomfortable is at night. So then you are inclined to think he is just being a collicky baby...but it is definitely worse than that. We don't know! One thing we are doing is suctioning his nasal stents A LOT deeper (you should see how far down you can go - yikes!) to clean out his "boogars" more and hoping that at least makes his breathing easier.

I met today with the discharge nurse...as exciting as that is to think about, it is still a long way away. However, they are starting part of the process now because it takes a lot of preparation. The first and most important thing we have been working on is finding an available quality home nursing agency in Bellingham. We have located one and I am meeting with them next week. There is a lot of training for those nurses here in Seattle from me and my current nurses to ensure a smooth transition. Max will most likely have nursing care 16 hours to begin with and then it will be reduced to 12 or so. The other "shifts" are mine...yikes! I feel pretty confident but there is still a lot of equipment to master. Additionally, if someone calls off sick or doesn't show up, that time will also be mine. So my schedule, as it does now, will continue to be focused solely on sweet lil' Max. :)

Keeping my fingers crossed for a good night...please Max feel good and sleepy!!!

And to everyone who has asked about my ankle, no it's not broken thankfully! I am no longer using the crutches (they were too annoying!)...just the ACE bandage and I am getting around MUCH better than last week! Impossible to keep your foot elevated while caring for a baby...but it will heal soon enough. What is funny though is my FAVORITE doctor broke his ankle this weekend and can't walk for three weeks! I am totally bummed! (and I'm sure so is he!)


Anara said...

Goodness!!! Bath time. That is so much fun, I always loved bath time with Vince. How great that Max loves his swing, you get the chance to just watch while they have fun.
I'm very glad to hear that your ankle is not broken, I hope it will heal quickly for you. Max is getting big!!!!! his weight sounds very good!!. I wish you both a very peaceful and happy night. I love you and miss you.

Meredith said...

WOW!! I can't believe how big little Max (I guess we can't really call him that anymore!) has gotten. David took our laptop to work for the last week or so, and I haven't been able to check the blog. I missed so much!! It sounds like you have really been through the wringer lately. I'm sorry to hear about his fever and your sleepless nights and your ankle on top of everything else.
It sounds like you've had a few nice moments, too. Bath time is always a treat. Boys love to pee in the tub! Davey does it all the time. He's only pooed in it once though...when we were visiting Grammy Suzanne. He let loose in her big whirlpool tub. Good times! See all the fun stuff you get to enjoy?!
As always, we are sending hugs and kisses and love and prayers --
Meredith, Davey, and Maggie (and David, too, I guess:-)

Greg said...

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