Monday, September 12, 2005


The antibiotics seem to be working for Maxwell...hooray! Last night he actually slept through most of the night, which meant Mom actually was able to sleep some too...hooray! I am so relieved to see Max feeling good again. It has been a very difficult and trying few weeks.

The echocardiogram, as well as the spinal tap and numerous other tests, all came back negative for infection so we still are not sure what the source of the fever was. But thankfully it appears to be gone!

Woo hoo! Max has graduated OUT of his preemie diapers into big boy diapers...I am so excited! He now weighs 7 pounds, 6 ounces!!! He is really chunking up! Today I was teasing him that I could finally take a bite out of his thigh!!! Before it was just an his thigh is a main course! :) It's our little joke!

Unfortunately some of that is water weight, but he is probably at least 7 pounds, 3 ounces of solid weight! With his additional IV fluids and increased feeds, he was getting TOO much fluid. I noticed that yesterday when his diaper was soaked every hour...and then with a 3 ounce weight gain in a day, I thought hmmm...something is wrong here! And sure enough, the doctor and dietician had not discussed their different plans and today they got him back on track.

And I met with Max's dietician today (I schedule weekly meetings to chart his progress) and she is pleased with his weight gain AND growth. Despite all the challenges presented to him, he is using his calories wisely! Way to go Max!

Maxwell's new favorite activity is the swing. He loves it and stays in there for hours! So sweet to watch him enjoy being a baby...and not just a sick little guy in his hospital crib. Now of course it takes some manuevering in and out of there with all his tubes, IVs, etc. but once he is in there, he just relaxes and has fun.

In recent weeks, he has definitely become more alert and attentive to the world around him. I am so excited for the months to come and to have him home...someday! :) I cannot wait for him to be healthy and happy and simply enjoy the wonders of life...taking a nature walk together, playing with the dogs, or spending time with his cousins. What fun moments lie ahead for him! I keep reminding him that life will be a lot better out of the hospital...he just has to be tough and it will be all worth it!

Thanks again everyone for your warm is so amazing to come home to a mailbox full of cards with well wishes for Maxwell. Even more incredible is that a lot of the cards are from friends of friends of friends...the support for Maxwell across this country is absolutely heartwarming! I cannot even begin to tell you how much it means to have so much love and prayers directed his way...I am in awe. Thank you!


Sean and Renee said...

Amy, I am so glad to hear that Max is doing better and that you both are starting to get some rest. I have been checking daily wondering how things have been going. I also hope that your ankle is feeling better. I wish you guys a great rest of the week.

Steph said...

Hey Amy -- awesome news! As soon as I read "good updates" I inhaled and exhaled a sigh of relief for you and sweet baby Max. So encouraging and wonderful that Max has said goodbye to fevers and hello to baby-fat and more swing rides! And I'm glad that both of you were able to get some much-needed sleep...I can't imagine how exhausted you are. Take good care of yourself (we know you're taking great care of Max)...lots of love, Steph

Michelle Martin said...

Amy Great news about Max. I was waiting to see, is your ankle broken??? Way to go on the weight gian Max!!!

rebecca said...

So great to hear Maxwell is feeling better and that he let you sleep some last night. The swing is the best thing ever!!!! I would not have made it through the first few months of Griffin's life without that thing. Looking forward to spending time with Max at the play park as soon as he is strong.


Ruthie said...

WOO HOO!! I am so excited to read this wonderful update. I am so-o-o happy for you guys!! Looking forward to more good updates.

tessa said...

Amy and max, so glad to hear all the good news! Seven pounds that is so exciting! I have been checking the blog everyday looking for some good news and i know today is going to be a good day! Maxwell has to be the cutest thing in the baby swing. you will have to take some pictures so that we can see just how much he loves it! and a good nights sleep is well overdue! your amazing lady, keep up all your hard work.
much love