Sunday, December 25, 2005


This is me in my Christmas stocking made with loving care by my Grammy Mary. She stitched most of it while she visited my mommy on bedrest in the hospital. Thanks Grammy...don't I look adorable in your work of art?

Again, could I be ANY cuter??? (Mommy had an enlargement of this photo on my hospital door...along with MANY other mom LOVED to get me extra attention!!! Everyone said it made them smile!!!)

Hmmm....I wonder if Mommy will stop taking pictures anytime soon?

This beautiful white blanket was a gift from my sweet friend, Emma.


ang said...

You light up the room!! You have wonderful 1st Christmas!!

Keep taking the photos, enjoy and savor every moment with your son on his first Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you

Heather said...

Never enough pictures!!
I was blubbering yesterday reading the news story about Max and you... what a true miracle he is... and for Christmas. Sign of things to come I think.
I am so happy to see Max home and you so happy Amy. You deserve this payoff, as exhausting as it may be! Printed MY pictures (I take personal interest) of Max in his stocking... on the fridge they go!

Chris said...

Congratulations and welcome home Max! Amy and I are so happy for you Amy. Let us know if you need any help kicking that insurance company's butt!

Chris and Amy

RebeccaA said...


Thanks for the update. The pictures are beautiful. On Christmas we watched digital movies of our family which included a lot of Cameron's early life. I'll see about burning them onto a CD and sending them to you so you can see just how far he has come - it makes seeing him in person that much more amazing.

Today many of our therapists are shocked with how far Cameron has come since his birth. They didn't know what he would be able to do when they first met him and thankfully he surpassed their (silent) expectations. In fact towards the end of his sessions with a few of the therapists he was actually the one helping them!

I don't know if I shared the following with you...when Cameron was very young - about three months old (he had not be diagnosed with CHARGE yet) and I was so concerned about his development - no one could give me any answers or idea of his future - the following words came to me..."Don't give up, he's so little, don't give up, he's so young!" I'd like to believe that it was a message of divine encouragement. That thought gave me the strength and the courage to do whatever I could to help Cameron.

His first year of life we logged over 100 dr./therapist appointments as a family. Fortunately every year the number has grown smaller.

You're in my prayers! Accept any help offered and most of all keep trusting in God!
Rebecca A
Nathan and Cameron's mom

Lesley Chan said...

wonderful story well done Max, hope we have some joy soon with Amelie

Love to you all Lesley & Family x