Tuesday, December 27, 2005


How adorable am I new with my new buddies, Barney & Shakespeare!?! We are becoming fast friends and my mom is overwhelmed with joy every time we are together! She was sooo excited for all of us to meet!

Barney (the white dog on the left) is ok with me being here, but leaves me alone for the most part. Actually I think this is one of the only times he has acknowledged my presence! Perhaps he is a little sad that I am taking my mommy's attention away from him...but give him time and I'm sure he will soon adore me!

Today my mommy is taking him to the doctor's for a biopsy of his nose. The doc thinks he has skin cancer or canine lupus. My mommy is very worried...between you and me though, I think he is just trying to get the attention away from me!!! Nice try dog. But just in case, please do keep Barney in your prayers. My mom loves him very, very much and I am sure I will too.

Shakespeare (the brown dog on the right) is another story. He already adores me! Or perhaps he knows to get my mom's attention, he has to be next to me! Either way, we are having fun. And yes, that is his tongue in the picture. He loves to kiss me...my mommy tries to keep that to a minimum. But I don't mind it! We are already great buddies!

I'll keep you posted on Barney's nose...right now I must run and prepare for my newspaper interview. Mom is going to get me super cute for the photos! That shouldn't take long...doesn't she know it comes naturally for me!?!


rebecca said...

What great pictures. I am overwhelmed with joy for your family. Keep the great photos coming!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Saying prayers for you and Barney.

I've showed my son (11 yo/5th grade) your pictures and he's read all about you with me from the information your mommy posted and the interviews I've seen. My son Cody was born with Craniofacial Deformities and has spent many times and surgeries down at Children's Hospital. He's seen Dr. Hopper (plastic surgeon) and Dr. Perkins (ear, nose, throat) and the nurses, and Dr. Williams (orthadontia). But my point is Max, you are a special angel here on earth for Mommy to have, to hold, to treasure. My little guy is out there on the playground defending the little angels of the universe.

I say prayers for you and your mommy now every night and now I will include Barney..Mommy doesn't need anymore wind knocked out of her.

I commend you on doing what needs to be done. I too went through a divorce while dealing with my son and all of his medical/emotional/physical needs and tending to our 1yo daughter. I hope your divorce wasn't as bad as mine. You keep your chin up. You are doing wonderful!!!


Cenci said...

Shakespear reminds me of the way Woogee is with Cooper...always wanting to be near him and lick his face! These picture are so adorable. Keep them coming:)