Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Yikes, what a night. Right now I am sitting with Max waiting to hear back from the doctor....and the waiting is driving me nuts.

Yesterday his heart rate was much higher than usual...even when he was sleeping. At first I thought it was due to his blood draw yesterday but it continued throughout the afternoon and evening. And when the night nurse came on, she was quite concerned as well but we decided to watch it. Sure enough it continued and slightly worsened as the night went on. Additionally his respiratory rate increased and he was running a slight fever. So I spent a good chunk of the middle of the night talking with the various doctors involved and trying to decide what is going on with lil' Max and what the plan of action should be. We are in a bit of a confusing situation right now, since our local pediatrician doesn't know Max very well yet so we have to rely on Children's physicians still. At first the doctor (Children's pulmonologist) thought we should head down to Seattle but then thought we could hold off until the morning and see our local doctor first thing (which is what we are waiting to do right now) and then we will probably end up in the local hospital or down to Children's later today. We are in the beginning of a morphine wean so the doctor thought we might try going back up on that first and then see if there is much of a change. No one was very excited to have him in the E.R. last night with all the germs and the doctors there would have probably been freaked out with all of Max's medical conditions anyway. On a side note, it brought at least a little humor when I paged my local doctor last night and got a return phone call from a nurse who wasn't familiar with Maxwell. She started asking the basic questions...how old, is he relatively healthy, on any meds, etc. Boy did she get an earful when I had to list everything from start to finish. It was such a reminder for me that opps, not all kids have such an assortment of medical issues!

Max does seem to be a little more "normal" this morning...at least he finally woke up. He was VERY lethargic through the night...never waking even once for nearly 12 hours. That at least provides a little encouragement and his HR is slightly lower than yesterday...but still much higher than it is supposed to be.

I will keep you posted...and most importantly, keep sweet Max in your prayers. Your prayers have worked wonders in the past, let's do that again!


RebeccaA said...

You are in my prayers today. I'm so sorry you and Max are back in the hospital. Keep us posted!
God Bless!
Cameron and Nathan's mom

ang said...

oh my gosh,
sending prayers up for you both. Sorry to read about this. Will pray answers are found quickly and a resolution is given that helps Max.


Anara said...

Everything will be ok, Max is very strong and he will fight this too. I have a lot of faith in him and all of the prayer's coming his way. I will keep praying for you two to be back home quickly!!!
Love the pictures, he's just so
Love you two.

Meredith said...

I was so sorry to read this post today. I hope you get some answers soon from the doctors. As always, we are sending prayers and love for you and your sweet boy.

Meredith and the Davids

Steph said...

Amy and Maxwell,

Drew and I are thinking of you two...hoping and praying that you get some answers and relief soon.

I just know the new year has great things in store for you guys...

Love you,

alisen barlean said...


I just want to tell you that you are always in my prayers...through the good and not-so-good times. I will send out those extra "vibes" to little dude though! I am so proud of how well you guys are doing...remarkable actually! Just remember, life is a rollercoaster and Max has a really big thrill-seeking one...darn those thrill-seeker kids, huh? Thanks for letting us "peep" at him the other day, he is amazingly cute and beautiful! Take care of the little sweetie (and please don't forget yourself!)
Lots of love and prayers,