Sunday, January 01, 2006


Happy New Year to the wonderful members of the MIGHTY MAX fan club! My mom says everyone has been sooo absolutely incredible this year. Your warm thoughts and loving prayers helped bring me home...thank you! Hope your 2006 is a year of peace, joy and love!

Mom says she has never been happier to say goodbye to a year before...she says 2006 has to be WONDERFUL. We certainly paid our dues in 2005! From the very messy divorce (yuck!) to my prematurity, multiple surgeries (never again please!) and lengthy stay in the hospital, we had quite a challenging year from start to finish! We are welcoming in 2006 with open arms!

Here are a few highlights of my "ins" and "outs" for the New Year...lots and lots of good changes!


  • Home sweet home in Bellingham, WA (Finally...YAY!)
  • Cuddling with my mommy
  • Meeting more family and friends (AFTER flu season!)
  • OUTpatient clinic appointments (during which we can visit our nurses and doctors and they can "ooh and aah" at how adorable I am!)
  • Wonderful, effective therapy sessions for my development (OT/PT, hearing, oral/feeding, etc.)
  • Playgroups with other kiddos like me!
  • Making new friends in our new town!
  • Walks around the neighborhood
  • Hangin' with my cousins, Thomas & Jackson (stay healthy boys!!!)
  • Being surrounded by loving, thoughtful, good people
  • Getting to know all the wonderful people who have been praying so much for me!
  • Educating people about the importance of quality, accessible, affordable programs for special needs community (Mom & I are very dedicated to this issue...we have heard that navigating the "system" can be quite a nightmare!)


  • Lengthy stays at the hospital
  • Being sick and requiring surgeries
  • Germs
  • Medicines (we are excited to wean down the list!)
  • Saying goodbye to fellow children when their bodies could no longer go on (mom and I have had our hearts broken too many times this year)
  • Helicopter and ambulance rides (I prefer the car now please!)
  • Moving (I love my doctors and nurses, and I think I will really like Bham...well once I am allowed out of the house!!)
  • People who are immoral, selfish or just plain ol' mean (Sorry, absolutely no tolerance for that...especially after everything we have been through. We need to be a more loving, helpful, caring world...don't you think!?!?)
  • Lupus (My doggy Barney was recently diagnosed with this, so I am just using wishful thinking that if I put it on my "out" list, he no longer will have this condition!)
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, SUCTIONING! I do not like when my mom has to suction my nose. Hopefully soon I can do a better job of clearing my own "secretions"...because I truly despise that machine! (For those kiddos out there who have spent time in the know what I mean!)

Love to all of you! I must run...Mom says it is time to put away the laptop and get to night night everyone. Please remember to keep my friends (Ryan, Lane, and Carter) in the hospital in your prayers....they each are having a rough time and need some extra love and support. Thank you! Happy New Year!!!



Kerry said...

Hey Max! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I know 2006 will be a great year for you and mommy. Heck, you've started it out right by being home! Love and prayers for your and your awesome mom.


Michelle Martin said...

Amy, I truly know what you mean about navigating the system for special needs kids is rough!!! Consider a speech and music therapist for Maxwell in addition to the others you listed. I thought music therapy was a silly concept, but it has actually been wonderful for Schayne. You guys keep up the awesome work!!! Lots of love to you both!!

ang said...

Amy and Max,
Happy New Year!! I hope you are able to find peace and comfort this year!! The right people to listen to you, and the right people crossing your path to help you in your times of need.


RebeccaA said...

Happy New Year! Take care of yourself and Max - it's a marathon not a sprint. You're doing a great job!
God Bless!
Cameron and Nathan's mom