Monday, January 02, 2006


This is my first time in my crib at home sweet home and my mom is sooo excited! Not only do I love this special moment, but boy do my fingers taste yummy!

And who let this crazy guy in my bed?
No but seriously, how cute are we together? This is my cousin Thomas...he is a wild child! Two seconds after this photo, he was grabbing at my canula. Hey there Tom Tom, get your own oxygen! :)

Oh and this is my very first time wearing pants!!! Mom and I were super excited! With all the doctors "inspecting" me in the hospital, pants were not a very good we are thrilled with my newly expanded wardrobe. Ok, Mom is thrilled...and I really could care less...but it does make her smile a lot which makes me happy!!!

Mommy says I look like an angel in my white PJs...I guess I do loook pretty adorable.
Again, how ADORABLE am I? This was on Christmas and I am snuggling in my Uncle Jim's arms...mmmm...what a wonderful way to end the day! My "new thing" is to put my hands together when I am sleeping. My mom about cries every time I do it! She is so silly!


Rebecca S. said...

I love the sleeping precious are those little hands. Little boys are the best!! I'm so glad things are going well for you both.

rebecca said...

I love, lvoe, love the pictures. I am so in love with Maxwell and I have never met him. Can't wait till the next set of pictures.


ang said...

love the pictures Max and Amy. My favorite pictures are of sleeping and looking at mommy. Those pictures seem to show love, peace, and contentment. NO STRESS..

Keep posting. Love to read and see his progress

Meredith said...

Maxi-Max is so gorgeous! He looks just like an angel in these pictures. Give him some smoochies on those chubby cheeks from me and his cousin Davey.

Love, Meredith

Cenci said...

These pictures are amazing! I love the one where he is sleeping with his hands crossed. How comfy he is at home with his mom:)