Thursday, January 05, 2006


I am pumping at Max's bedside (he is snoozing oh so peacefully) and thought I'd use this time to update everyone on Max's lastest "bug." (Pumping seems to be the only time I have to email, and it makes the time pass faster win situation but I'm sure it is quite a comical sight to see me doing both!) :)

ANYWAYS! Fortunately, Max did not have to go to the hospital as an in patient. However, we have spent the majority of the past few days at the hospital for tests, lab work, xrays, etc. and today looks like there will be a little more of that. He spiked a fever the other morning and the doctor insisted he head to the hospital, but then soon after, with the help of a lil' Tylenol, he seemed to be feeling much better and all of his vitals were looking better. So I begged and begged for Maxwell just to come home with me and that I would keep a very close eye on him...the doctor relented. For the most part, he has recovered nicely except that he continues to have massive "explosions" (if you know what I mean!) which is concerning with the amount of diuretics he is on. So we will return to the hospital today for another blood work up to ensure his electrolytes are stable. Results from all of his cultures will be available today as well.

So the good news is that we are NOT back at the hospital...YAY! But we are doing a lot to manage this bug and hopefully soon Max will be completely healed! Thanks everyone for your kind emails!

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