Sunday, January 22, 2006


I have REALLY been missing church and have been trying to think of ways we could go without exposing Max to too many germs. So this morning we tried and it worked pretty well!

We arrived early to avoid the crowds and then stayed in the church's private "nursing room" with the televised service. Elizabeth and Thomas joined us too. While it certainly wasn't the same as participating with the congregation, it still was quite a monumental moment to enjoy church with Maxwell in my arms! :)

We danced to the music, but then all the excitement got to Maxwell and he soon feel asleep. With him looking soooo adorable, it was hard to stay focused on the service! (As you can see in the photo, he now LOVES his hands and tries to put them in his mouth all the time...even when he is sleeping!)

Christ the King has been truly amazing to us. They have encouraged us with love, prayer, emails, calls, cards, dinners, and gifts...we feel so incredibly welcomed and love in this church and am deeply grateful to them! We hope to return the favor someday soon!


Ruthie said...

That's wonderful that they make arrangements like that. That's going to be such a great refresher for you both. Its nice to see you get a piece of the "normal" life. :)

Anara said...

How wonderful!!!! I'm soooo happy
that you two were able to go to
Church together... What a big
boost to the spirit...
From Mikey and Auntie Anara!!!!!
The pictures are terrific, I just
love them. It is really great that
you have the energy to keep us all
update on Max and send the pictures
I always think of you as the energizer bunny, you just keep going and going...
Big hugs and kisses from Mikey and
Auntie Anara XOXOXO