Wednesday, January 25, 2006

ROLLER COASTER OF A DAY! (Personally not medically thankfully!)

Today started off really badly. My soon to be ex and I engaged in a series of emails about the upcoming hearings, financial support, etc. and while I shouldn't be surprised by his behavior, I still am. I still want to believe in the good of people!!!

Unfortunately though, this man shows no remorse for what he has done and has turned so truly heartless and cold about everything...the divorce, his betrayal, Maxwell...and I still find myself completely shocked and incredibly disappointed. I cannot believe I was so fooled before as to who he really is! Yikes!

The upcoming months certainly will be difficult. Our temporary hearing (for child support, etc.) is this Monday and the final is at the end of March. We are organizing our depositions in the coming weeks and while those "details" are not going to be easy to hear, it needs to be done. But yuck, yuck, yuck nevertheless.

One of our biggest disagreements is my need for good financial support. With all of Max's medical and developmental needs, there is absolutely no way I can return to work any time soon...possibly years. From what I have heard from other special needs families and fron my brief experience thus far, organizing Max's care (development, education, therapy, medical) will be a full time job...and then some! Therefore, we are arguing that the father should be responsible for this since he is not participating in his care. It's just unfortunate that we have to go to court over something so obvious.

ANYWAY, as I stated...the day started off badly, but WOW what an improvement as the day went on. :) Max and I had such a wonderful afternoon and's like he knew, "I better be super cute, my mom definitely needs lots and lots of snuggles and smiles!"

First off, we enjoyed a short little nap together. This has not been possible since I have been home. Usually when he is sleeping, I am running around the house sterilizing everything, doing his laundry, organizing, calling doctors and equipment companies, etc. Boring but necessary! But today I thought a little cuddle time would be perfect and more important than any work!

After our nap, we had a wonderful "therapy" session together. We started this week with two OT and PT appointments, and our "homework" tonight went really well! I got a "Bumbo" chair for him and it is awesome! I highly recommend it! It arrived today and I immediately put Maxwell into it and it was INCREDIBLE. It provides high support all around his body so that even though he has low muscle tone, he can work on strengthening his torso. And just in the past week he has made tremendous progress with head control. We still have a way to go but he is really working hard! I will make sure to take lots of photos tomorrow so everyone can see how ADORABLE and grown up he looks in his Bumbo! :) I know for some moms this might not sound like much, but trust me Max and I have had to work really hard to get where we are today! His development doesn't come quite as easily, but all the work is well worth it...especially when you see results like tonight!!! GO MAX GO!!! :)

Then after "therapy"/play time, we had SUCH a fun bath time. He was smiling (which is a relatively new thing) and there were even a few giggles. I was eating his toes and kissing his neck and he LOVES that...I keep telling him, "watch out Maxwell, I'm gonna just eat you up!" :) Then to complete a perfect evening, he fell asleep peacefully in my arms. Magical. Truly magical. Maxwell, I couldn't love you any more than I do right now. You are amazing! Thanks for turning this day around and making it wonderful like only you can! :)


wakara said...

Amy and Max,
Max it's so good to hear you're doing so well. I'm so happy to hear about the bumbo chair. I used one the other day for the first time and it was incredible. I bet you look for adorable in that chair. I just can't wait for the pictures. It sounds like you're doing awesome with all aspects of your daily life. Amy I'm sorry to hear that your personal life with that ex of yours is not going so well. I just can't believe that he could be so heartless and useless. Good luck on Monday and in the coming months. I can't wait to see all the pictures.

Ruthie said...

You do what you need to do for the care of your son. What you have done so far has proved true and sucessful. I'm sorry you still have to deal with the personal things but it sounds like little Max knows how to turn things around for you. Just keep looking at his wonderful face and realize that you are doing the right thing whatever it is. Take care-

Drew said...


Sounds like Max knew just what you needed! What a guy...he must take after his Momma.;-)

As painful as it will be to go through, that other junk you are dealing with will be over soon. March isn't that far off! Hang in there.


Anara said...

I still find it so hard to believe that Vic is the same person I worked with. You two are sooo much better off with out him. You have a wonderful family and a million friends that love you two and will do anything to help take care of you. Just make sure you take him to the cleaners!!!!
Your day turned out to be a great one though and you can't beat that. I look forward to seeing the new pictures of Max in his new bumbo chair.
I love you two!! Lots of hughs and kisses to Maxi from his Auntie Anara XOXOXOX