Wednesday, February 08, 2006


On Tuesday, Maxwell and I drove to Seattle for his clinic visit with surgery...the big day! I have been so excited to switch over to the big boy version of the GTube..the "Mic Key." This is his more permanent Gtube and is smaller and less invasive than the previous. He was not a happy camper during the procedure. He actually went into one of his coughing fits and threw up an amazing amount of secretions. But he did seem to feel much better after that!

It is quite difficult though to comfort a crying, sick baby and listen to a doctor explain the care and changing of a Gtube!!! Here we are talking about how to literally pull out the Gtube (yes I must do that myself...eeks!) and replace it, how to check the balloon that holds it in there, etc. and I can barely pay attention because I am trying to help Maxwell cough effectively and comfort him too. (I really feel like I should be granted a nursing degree after all of this is said and done!!! Mary, can't you work on that?)

It would definitely be helpful to have someone else with us, but at the same time, I'm trying to be as "independent" as possible because this is our life for many years! And slowly but surely, we are getting the hang of it! :)

Then we went and visited the staff throughout the hospital and wow, what a greeting! First we went to the floor and everyone was SO happy to see him! We dropped off some Valentine's for some of our favorites...Max is a very thoughtful lil' boy!!! We had arranged to meet with one of our favorite RTs from the ICU, and when we did, word spread like crazy..."Max is here, Max is here!" There were doctors, nurses, volunteers, chaplains...everyone was soooo happy to see him doing so well! It was awesome! And I learned that many of them read the blog daily...thank you to everyone at Children's. YOU ARE WONDERFUL! We hope to return the favor with our guild!


Diane said...

Dear Amy and Max,

You both are wonderful fighters and I am so proud of you. You don't know me, and I don't know you, but I wished I did. I knew Vic's first wife. What a loser he is and he will pay one day for all he has done to you and Little Max. He is adorable. I would love to kiss those precious little cheeks. I am praying that Max will make it and beat his father's a _. Excuse me, but Vic deserves it. Shame on him. What an idiot of a so-called father. I hope his life is down-hill from here on out. No one is going to vote for him again. He has ruined his life forever and you can bet on that!!Keep up the good work Amy, you and Max are angels. Be good to yourself, too. We love you and pray for you daily.

RebeccaA said...

Just read your latest post - Congratulations on the new tube!

FYI changing it I'm guessing it a Mickey) is easy - really. And we rarely checked the water in the tube. But then now that I've said that I hope you don't have to! :>) And always have a spare on hand.

Take care of yourself!
Cameron and Nathan's mom

Anara said...

What a big and I'm sure long day
for you and Maxwell. I'm glad to hear that Max has a new GTube, I'm sure it will be more comfortable for him. You really should be a nurse by now, you know more than some nurses that I have come in contact with. You two were probably
pretty worn out by the time you arrived back home. Take care and know that I am praying for your fast recovery from you cold Max,
I Love you two!! Anara XOXOXO