Saturday, February 11, 2006


The past few days have been quite funny...Max is developing quite a personality and it's so wonderful! :)

He has been relatively happy and calm the past few months (post heart surgery!), but he has taken that up a few notches this week. He is over the top happy and active..a little on the crazy side to be honest! It's so hysterical. He is smiling A LOT (which is absolutely adorable, incredible, amazing, and awesome!!!), blowing bubbles and making noises, and kicking like a wild man. Sometimes he even smiles when I give him his inhalers (which he used to hate and fuss incredibly) and yesterday he literally pushed it away with intense strength. I think he thought we were playing a game!

Compared to a "healthy/normal" baby, his personality is probably not much different...but you have to understand that for so long, Max didn't have the strength to interact with the world. So to see him smile and show interest is soooo incredible. He truly is "with" us now and it's delightful, absolutely delightful.

Of course with all the meds he is on (and some recent order changes), my first thought about this new "activity level" was hmmm...something went wrong with his meds. But this new happy go lucky "wild child" has been this way for days so perhaps he is just blossoming more and more! And he definitely is feeling much better and getting over that nasty bug. (Yay, another escape from a hospital're awesome Max!!!)

It's so funny to watch him! Just a few days ago, he was sleeping off and on throughout the day. He would zonk out after a few hours, sleep for an hour...and that was his routine. But that's definitely all changed! The past fast days he is up pretty much all day and always ready to go! Last night Eliz was over when I gave him his bath and he was amazed at all his kicking. He was splashing us like crazy, he was going so nuts!

Ok, just to prove me wrong about being so "happy", Max is getting a lil' fussy as I write this. I am pumping and posting...he is playing and I think getting bored without me right by his side. I keep trying to explain logic to him that I can only do so much at one time! (Quite difficult to hold him and pump simultaneously...I have tried but inevitably he kicks the bottles and milk spills. Not fun when you are trying to preserve every last drop!!!)

Unfortunately, logic doesn't seem to work at this sure would help though! This morning his GTube was having some issues (not excited about that since it has only been a few days since he got it!) and so I was having to keep him still while I reinflated the balloon that keeps the GTube in place. And he was moving around like crazy and I kept begging"Max, please just be still for one minute for Mommy!!!" That seemed to make him smile even more! :) Crazy Maxwell!

I best run...I think lil' Max actually does want to catch a few ZZZ's and he needs some Mommy loving to do that. Will write more later!

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Anara said...

It's so wonderful when they start to come into their personalities,
Max sounds like he will have a good sense of humor and laugh a lot. What a fun baby!!!! You two seem to be having a good weekend so far, I'm really glad to hear it, you all NEED to have some fun.
It was great talking to you today, I hope Maxwell's H20 levels evened out.
I Love you two, lots of sweet hugs and kisses from Auntie Anara.