Monday, February 06, 2006


Hi everyone! It's me, your sweet lil' friend, MIGHTY MAX! As always, Mommy and her camera are recording every single moment! Too funny! She can't seem to get enough of me! :) Anyway, she says she has had several requests for updated photos, so here they are. ENJOY!

Mom loves this photo! I look deep in thought, but nope I'm asleep!
Ruthie, I really, really love my duckie blankie - thank you!!! :)

Mom kept me on a wedge and on my side when I slept this week to help with my congestion. Mom couldn't stop staring at me all nurse even was teasing her about it! I must say I do look mighty cute all snuggled up!

Notice my "perfect" t-shirt. How appropriate! This was my first day of PT, and I wanted to look super cute! Mission accomplished!

This is the view from our house...isn't it amazing? We might get a lot of rain, but we sure do get beautiful sunsets too! Can't wait to spend more time outdoors!
Hope you enjoyed my mug shots! Love, Max :)


Kerry said...

I don't know how you could get any cuter, Max, but you do! Thanks for sharing your pics!!


Anonymous said...

You just keep getting cuter Max.

Amy...2:01am...Girl Get some sleep..

Meredith said...

You are so gorgeous, Maxi-Max!! In that first picture, I bet you are thinking up ways to look even more adorable for your mommy (I don't think it's possible, though!). I hope you get rid of that nasty congestion soon...and keep spitting up on your mom; she loves it!
Hugs and kisses from WV -
Aunt Meredith and Davey

Anara said...

What a handsome little man you are Maxwell!!!! Your Mommy is going to have to beat the girls off with a stick.
Loads of Love and Kisses for the best looking little guy in the world!!!! Anara

Mary Karr said...

Hello Maxwell -

I love seeing pictures of you and how you are growing. I would love to hold you and kiss your little cheeks. You are getting so big! I am sure you are quite a load for Mother.

There was a beautiful little five month old boy at church this weekend. I told him all about you. I watched everything he did and thought you could probably do the same thing.

Keep growing and improving. Also, keep reminding Mommy to send more pictures.


Drew said...


Thanks for sharing those awesome pictures. He's such a cutie. Those cheeks are too much. Makes me want to try to visit with Steph when she comes next.

We miss and love you guys.


Sara B said...

I can not believe how much, not bigger he looks, but older!??!?! What happened?!?! Can't wait to see him on Friday...oh, and you too! =)


lisa salisbury said...

Max -

You are SUCH a cutie!!! Can't wait to share a new pic with my Faith Weaver Friends (children's church). They even request prayer for you on their own now and always want an update and to see new pics!!

lisa salisbury said...

Max -

You are such a CUTIE!!! Cant wait to share new pic with my Faith Weaver Friends (childrens church). They love getting new pics and updates.

Lisa :)

Steph said...

I need to kiss those cheeks!!!!!

Thinking of flying out there during the March cong. recess (week of the 20th)...will touch base with you and Eliz this week to see if that works. (Was hoping to be out there for your b-days, but February is shaping up to be a crazy month.)

Thanks so much for posting pics...he couldn't possibly be any cuter!

Love you guys (and am sooooo excited to come visit),