Wednesday, March 29, 2006


You know the days when you just look at your child and are just completely overwhelmed with your love and adoration? THIS IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!! To be honest, I find myself overwhelmed with my love for him quite often (yes, he has me "hook, line and sinker"!!!)...but these past few days he has been even more adorable and interactive than usual. He amazes me each and every day with what a true miracle he is! :)

He was super cute today...I had a doctor's appointment and so for the first time we went to an appointment and I was the patient. He seemed to enjoy it much better this way! He was soooo well behaved the whole time...just sucking on his thumb and looking around and of course getting lots of attention from everyone! I had to get a biopsy taken and sent away...results will be back next week. I'm not overly worried, but anytime I think of my health I immediately think how it impacts Maxwell. You know? It's amazing that ever since his arrival, all I think about it is his health, happiness and well being! Anyway, it was an interesting adventure out and about today!

Here are some adorable photos from today. I know, I know, I am obsessed with taking his picture! :) (Yesterday the clinic photographer at Children's had to take a bunch of photos for Max's medical records and Max kept turning to the camera and he was teasing me that it is obvious Max feels very comfortable in front of the camera!!!) It seems like I spend all my money these days on diapers, gas for doctor's visits and photo developing! But with all that he has been through and how super cute he is, how can you not want to capture each and every moment???

ENJOY!!!! :)

Here is Max attempting to sit in his boppy chair...a lot of work but sooo good for his torso and neck strength! GO MAX GO!

Today Max wore "big boy" clothes for the first time! I usually keep him in knits and outfits that allow easy access to his Gtube. But today I decided to try a pair of overalls on him...and could he be ANY cuter???

Kissing Max's neck and making him giggle is my absolute favorite thing to do these days! I love his smile!!! We were in the middle of a "photo session" when I stopped to give him kisses and thought I would try and snap one of us! :)


ang said...

take as many pictures as you can Amy..Enjoy every second of every moment.

Saying prayers for your biopsy results.

Drew said...

Hi Amy,

Love the pictures! Keep 'em coming. The overalls are great. I hope everything is ok with the biopsy. We'll be thinking good thoughts for ya.


rebecca said...

My fingers are crossed that you results are only good.

Sara B said...

He looked SO freakin' cute in his big boy clothes yesterday...loved seeing him, it's been way too long. Saying prayers for your results.

Heather said...

OMG, I had that outfit for Brady in the shortall version, my favorite, I just found the picutre of him in it this weekend! Girl clothes are easy to buy cute, but when you find a cute boy outfit, it's a real score! I just want to eat Maxwell up with those chub-o cheeks and kissy lips.
Hope all is OK on your end, hope to see you Friday!

Gracie said...

Hi Amy,
Our Gracie is so much like your max.
We will keep you in our prayers for Max and your biopsy results. Everything effects Max.
Donna aka Gracie's mom!

kate said...

He's looking so grown up! Keep the giggles coming, they brighten up everyday! We love you both.

Kate and Family :)