Sunday, March 26, 2006


So last week I was wondering how many people really do read Max's blog, because it seems like every day I find about yet another person who has been following our journey. I either receive emails from complete strangers or a friend tells me that "Oh of course my niece, my mailman, my hairdresser all know about Max. They have been reading his blog for months now..."

I added a simple monitor to the site and it gives you a summary of the number of visits, the city and states of the visitors, etc. Boy was I surprised to see not only how many states were listed, but also how many countries! The majority of the visitors are from Washington and West Virginia but nearly every state is represented too! Every day there are over 300 people visiting his site! Some days many, many more!

What is funny too is "how" people are learning about Mighty Max. Many other sites now post links to this blog and then there have been numerous tv interviews, newspaper articles and the latest...our fun radio interview this past week. Others say they have heard about him through a friend and have been hooked to this lil' miracle's story from that point on!

THANK YOU everyone! I love how many people are caring for, concerned about and celebrating Maxwell!!! :) I love your prayers and your supportive emails and has provided incredible strength and comfort during our challenging journey. I can't wait to tell Maxwell someday how many people were routing him on...I have a feeling though that his fan club will be quadrupled by that time!!! :)


Diane said...

I read about Max every day and think about the both of you constantly. What a wonderful mother you are and what a wonderful little boy you have. God is watching over the two of you and what a blessing you are to all of us.

Diane and Alex in WV

Jaye said...

Don't know you personally, but have emailed a few times and posted on this blog. All our prayers added together are hopefully helping the two of you out! Max is just such an inspiration in determination, and YOU Miss Amy are an inspiration to parents everywhere!~Hang in there you two!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of all that you've done for Max!! You are and continue to be an amazing woman full of style and grace for Max.

iman said...

Ang took the words right out of my mouth.
You are doing so much and it just goes to show how strong a mother is and can be.