Sunday, March 26, 2006


Max really enjoyed his weekend with "Uncle" Drew and "Aunt" Stephanie. It was a mutual love fest! :) And I was sooo proud to show off how great he is doing! He started feeling better just in time for their visit too...which was wonderful.

Steph and Drew's family has been hit hard recently with many serious health issues, so we spent a lot of time talking about special needs, our worries and concerns, the future, life, etc. Lots and lots to discuss! And they are good about wanting to learn more about Max's issues...I know it's uncomfortable for some but I love when people do ask questions and try to understand his challenges. We can all learn so much from each other.

Thanks Drew and Steph for your visit! You are incredible and we just wished you lived closer!!! Come back soon! :)

Drew was doing a funny whistle and Maxwell responded eagerly with his sweet lil' giggle...we aren't sure if it was because he could hear the sound or if he just thought Drew looked funny making the sound!!! Either way, it was an adorable moment!

And of course Shakespeare had to join in on the action. Doesn't Max look kind of annoyed that he is having to share Drew?

Steph and Drew were great about helping out too! Drew helped me hold Maxwell down for suctioning several times...not a fun job but it was soooo great to have an "assistant". Max may be small but he is quite mighty when it comes to defending his nose. And here in the photo is Steph when she was able to calm Maxwell down and put him to sleep. She was sooo happy with herself, and I was too! :)

Drew was a big hit for both of the little ones! We took everyone on a picnic and kite flying adventure...lots of fun!

How cute is my lil' angel all bundled up for our adventure? I think he really enjoys his trips outdoors...excitement but no germy crowds! He had to catch a few ZZZs to keep up with everyone.


Sara B said...

Great pictures! Love the one with Drew and the boys! Can't wait to see them scrapped....=) Loved getting to meet Drew and Stephanie and I'm so glad you got some helpers Miss Amy!
Sara B

Anonymous said...

Glad ya'll got to visit with Family Amy and Max..

Amy what's happening with your nurse situation at nights? Any resolution?

Steph said...

Amy and Maxwell...WE MISS YOU ALREADY!!! We had such a wonderful time with you...and we're soooo very proud of the amazing progress Max has made (with much help from his Momma) since our last visit. Truly remarkable. I can't imagine how much farther he'll have come when we see him next!

And being able to calm Max and have him fall asleep on my shoulder was such a wonderful moment for me...he simply melts my heart. His smile, his giggle...his general yummy-ness!

Love you both very, very much (and wish we lived closer too),

Drew said...

Hi Amy and Max,

We definitely miss you already. As I mentioned to you, it is so wonderful to be able to experience Max's progress in person. Holding him, hearing him giggle, and seeing him be able to go out in the world, really makes it sink in just how far he's come. Amy, you're doing a remarkable is Max of course.

It actually ocurred to me as we drove to Seattle on Sunday morning that I didn't help you suction Max before we left. I'm sorry!

Love and miss you both,