Saturday, April 01, 2006


Thank you everyone who helped make the kickoff event for The Mighty Maxwell Guild for Children's Hospital such a huge success!!! :) Nearly 100 women (including a few of Max's nurses AND some moms of other former patients) were in attendance...and we definitely came close (or quite possibly surpassed) our $10,000 goal. As soon as possible, I will post the final tally. And also very important, everyone had a super great time! YAY! :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who contributed their money, time, talents and donations. You have helped make a difference in the life of a child! THANK YOU! :)

* I promise to post photos asap too! It was sooooo cool to see nearly 100 women all sporting their "I "heart" Mighty Max" shirts! Below are a few quick "pre event" pics:

Here are some of the "dots" we sold at Treasury of Memories. From the very beginning, the customers have been sooo supportive of Maxwell!

Local businesses really pitched in and helped advertise the event and donated great auction items.


Kelly said...

I had SUCH an awesome time at this event! Of course, I love all TOM's events, but this one particularly touched my heart!!!
Thanks Amy for sharing your beautiful boy with all of us and being so open with your love for him.
I am so happy to have been part of something like this!!!
Keep up the good work Max!!!

ang said...

YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!! Great Job Amy and everyone!

Anne said...


It was fantastic to finally meet you, and boy did I have a fabulous time laughing and scrapbooking some. Even if I was a loser with a capital "L" for leaving at 5am :)!


Stephanie said...

I had such a great time at the crop! I LOVED it!! My sister and sister in law were so excited to meet Maxwell!

Drew said...

Congratulations on such a successful event! We were thinking of you guys.

Steph said...

YAY!! So glad the event went well...can't wait to hear more and see more pics!

What's the final tally???