Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Max seems to have absolutely no desire to go to sleep tonight...he is in full play mode with his nasal cannula! Great opportunity for me to take some super cute photos! I took a series of about 30 shots and they are hysterical all together.

He is getting to be quite a ham already! Seems like as soon as I bring out the camera, he will stop what he is doing and just stare...too funny! ENJOY! :)


Renee said...

Amy, So glad to hear that Max is on the mend! He is absolutely precious in thes photos...what a sweet little smile in the last photo! I too was up all night last night with both kids...I should have called you. :) Talk to you soon.

Sara B said...

God, he's cute!! =)
love you both!

Anara said...

Toooo cute.... you don't look the least bit tired Max... Your Mommy has become quit a photographer..
Love, Anara

Aunt Laura said...

I couldn't help replying. I loved the pictures of Max and they put a smile on my face. Loved the last one with the mischievious smile.

Aunt Laura- to my niece and her blog alovelybeverage.blogspot.com
to yours I can be Texas Laura

Ruthie said...

Oh my word that last picture is too funny! Man is he ever in love with you! He is definitely your son with that great big grin!