Thursday, March 23, 2006


I love seeing Maxwell enjoying his toys!!!

How cute are Max and his cousin Thomas holding hands? Thomas constantly is going for Max's cannula so we have to watch their "playtime" very closely! But since Thomas is now a very speedy crawler, he seems to get pretty bored with lil' Max and moves on after a few minutes. I so look forward to the day when Max is mobile too!

Shakespeare is always trying to sneak in a kiss! And Max now puts his hand out for him...too cute!

Maxwell LOVES to play with he is a BIG fan of his new friend's (Stephanie) hair. When she took down her hair today for him, he quickly smiled with delight!


Suzanne Holman said...

Max is looking oh so cute!
Great to see him and Thomas together!
And he is in the Shakespeare fan club for sure.
Love you, Mighty Max!

Jessica Smith said...

hi-- i found your blog totally by accident-- but Max is such a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwww...How sweet...Keep up the great recognition MightyMax!!

Ruthie said...

Max is just amazing. He has come so far and just looks so happy. Thanks for the pictures, love them as always!
Take care-

kanda said...

My daughters loved playing with my hair when they were babies, too. I do have a caution for you... check his fingers after he's done playing with hair, to make sure there are no strands wound around his fingers. My daughter got one of my long hairs twisted 'round her finger, and I didn't notice until her finger had turned purple!