Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I think I spoke too soon when I said Maxwell was on the mend! Yesterday he was feeling pretty crappy all day...we were both quite miserable! :( The poor lil' guy was coughing so much that he would violently puke out of his nose and mouth...I then had to quickly suction his mouth and nose so he wouldn't aspirate the excessive secretions. It was quite a day! I have never seen anyone puke out of their nose and I was a bit worried. I immediately called my nurse and she said that is normal for a baby at this age, so at least it is "normal."

His ears are continuing to bother him too...he is pulling at both of them now. So we have ANOTHER doctor's appointment later today to check on that.

Hopefully today is a better day...I'm confident it will be! No puking throughout the night, that's a good sign.

AND today will indeed be super fun because we have an extra special guest with us, one of our very best friends, Stephanie. She flew out from DC yesterday and her wonderful husband Drew will join us on Friday and be with us for the weekend. We are soooo excited to have them here! They met Maxwell last summer when he was just a lil' sickly kid...BIG difference to the pink, chubby, lively, happy baby now!!!

Today I also have a radio interview to promote the upcoming guild fundraiser for Children's Hospital. I absolutely adore (as you know!!!) talking about my sweet son so I am looking forward to the interview! Hopefully it generates further interest in our event!

Off to give some meds...


Ruthie said...

Max always likes to give you these little bumps in the road. He doesn't want you to get bored! I'm so glad that your friends get to visit you. That is awesome and I'm sure will be a wonderful boost to you.
Take care-

Anara said...

I'm glad to hear that Max isn't puking any more... that has to be so rugh on him.
I'm excited about you're radio interview, you will do great!!
How is it coming with Dr. Phil and possibly being on his show? I have been thinking about that a lot lately.
It's great that your friend is able to vist for a few days, that will sooo nice.
Take care, Michael and I are praying for Maxwell..
Love, Anara

Steph said...

Amy and Maxwell,'s soooo wonderful to be here with you! I'm AMAZED with Max's progress...he's such a sweet, yummy, gorgeous little man! Certainly a big difference from last August when we first got to meet him.

Being a part of Maxwell's bath time was such a treat...and gazing at him tonight, getting lots of sweet smiles, I just wish we lived closer so it wasn't such a rare experience for me! Drew is going to melt when he gets here tomorrow.

And Amy, awesome radio interview -- seriously. You make Mighty Max so proud of his mama.

Love you,