Thursday, March 02, 2006


I have got a million and one things to do today, but I can't help but distract myself for a few moments and post some adorable photos of Maxwell. Bragging about him is definitely addicitive!!! :)
Yep, there's my man...looking sooo handsome!!! And what is super fun is that this outfit is a hand me down from Jackson to Thomas to Maxwell and it was an original gift from me to Jackson!!! So of course there is a doggy on it!
And here he is enjoying his mouth! YAY! He is getting better and better every day with his binky. With his VERY high palate and weak suck, he can't yet hold it in there for very long but he is making progress!

Max is just starting to giggle...and it is the best sound in the world! (Sounds more like a snort, but to me it is absolutely precious!) Here Jackson was forcing his fish to go around faster and Maxwell starting laughing and laughing. It was sooo great! They both were having so much fun!
Max has decided my hair is absolutely delicious. Here he completely entangled himself with it and was absolutely delighted.
And oh yes, my face is very fun to explore too!
Actually earlier this week he did so much "exploring" that he gave me a bloody nose! He stuck his finger WAY up my nose and before I could stop him, he started exploring even more! Sure enough...a bloody nose.
Perhaps it was pay back for all the suctioning or for the bloody nose he got last week! He was doing therapy with his PT and when she was practicing rolling over with him (he doesn't do that himself yet...but oh so close!) he bonked his nose. He definitely let us know about it! It was so sad! Ok Max, we're even!

This is Max's "look" right before he loses it! He can only stand tummy time for very brief moments. Each time I set a goal for him (ok Max, lift your head three times)...but once I see this red and frustrated face, I know the end is near!

Here is Mighty Max doing some therapy with Eileen, his Occupational Therapist, with the local neurodevelopmental clinic. She is so good with him! We are blessed to be in an area with such expertise!


Ruthie said...

Love the pictures! It is so nice to see him smile. So sweet. And its great seeing how much Jackson wants to help!
Take care-

Anara said...

Good Gauly!!! You are just toooo cute Max... I love the smiles!! You and Mommy make a very pretty picture together!!! Max seams to enjoy his therapy too, that's so great...
I love you two!!

Shellie said...

Amy he is so precious. I see why you love him so much. You are a very brave and wonderful mother. May God continue to bless you and Max through this very difficult time. Shellie, Pierson Legal Services