Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I have been trying to coordinate all the different therapists and doctors this week to decide what to do about the swallow study and last night we got a "go ahead." And perfect timing! They had a cancellation for today so we are heading to Seattle in just a little bit!

I am so excited, but nervous too. Yesterday the OT was encouraged that Maxwell was so interested in the tasting of baby food (he was smiling the whole time!), but she also thought his swallow sounded very deliberate and long as though he is having a difficult time. Additionally his O2 needs increased yesterday, which may/may not be a total coincidence.

Today's test is very important and hopefully we get some good news!


Cheryl said...

Go Mighty Max! Show those docs what you're made of! :)

ang said...

saying prayers for ya Mighty Max with mighty Mamma

Anara said...

Ok, first, I am sooo happy to hear that they are trying Maxwell with out some of his med's. That's just wonderful!!!!! Cleaning out little noses is definitely not fun, but it's great that his nose hasn't closed up any. And second, I am praying really hard that Max's swallow test goes good!!!!! Max has suprised the doctor's at every turn, he will again.
Hugs, Kisses and Snuggles...
I love you two!