Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Thank you everyone soooooooooooooo much for making the Mighty Max Guild kickoff such a wild success! The final tally is in and we exceeded our goal!!! We raised $15,000 for Children's Hospital Uncompensated Care Fund! Very impressive everyone! Thank you attendees, donors and businesses!
Max poses with a few members of his fan club! They read the blog regularly and were so excited to meet sweet Max in person. And just how cute are these t-shirts? Nearly all 100 attendees wore them that night and the Treasury staff proudly sported them every day the month prior. So fun to see everyone "hearting" Mighty Max!
(Unfortunately Max couldn't come to the actual event - I was too nervous with so many people there, but I did bring him by after an OT appointment that afternoon before the event to meet a few of his fans!)

Dan Mello entertained the audience with his personal tribute to my lil' guy, "Mighty Max: The Unstoppable Boy." It brought smiles and tears to everyone! Thank you Dan...I absolutely loved your vision of Maxwell running around and being very happy!
(Dan sent me the CD today and Max and I listened to it a million times on the way to his various appointments...I cried and laughed! Such a wonderful tribute!)
Here are two of Max's nurses from Children's. Wakara (on the left) was Max's primary nurse on the floor and they always had such a special connection! So nice of them to come and support our event! We had so much fun together! Thanks Wakara and Debra! :)

For more photos, visit the Treasury of Memories blog: http://www.treasuryofmemories.typepad.com

And if you were not able to attend this event, no worries! You can still support the guild for Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center by sending your tax deductible donation to:
The Mighty Maxwell Guild
3204 Illinois Lane
Bellingham, wA 98226
Or perhaps we will have another event later this year and you can get involved then! We appreciate your commitment to Children's Hospital and look forward to your help in ensuring each and every child has access to quality health care. :)

*HEADS UP* I am also hoping to organize a fundraising drive for The CHARGE Foundation later this year...they desperately need funding for important research projects, information distribution, outreach, and conferences. If anyone has any grand ideas, let me know! Thanks!


elle said...

mighty max charger guild same thing but it goes to charge and hes a charger right

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Robyn McIntye said...

I am humbled everytime I look at that picture, and honored to have gotten that opportunity to meet Max and Amy. I actually have a close up of the three of us girls with Max (Amy was taking the picture) and well it is set as my wallpaper. When I feel I am having a rough day I just have to look at Max and know just how blessed I am and how much life really means. Thank You for the awesome opportunity to be a part of the fundraiser. The long drive was so well worth it - and yes myself and my family are true fans of Max & Amy.