Friday, April 07, 2006


Watch out everyone, these are some of my cutest pictures yet! Trust me, they are absolutely adorable, if I do say so myself! I am getting bigger, stronger and more handsome each and every day. Once you see these photos, I think you will agree! ENJOY! :)

I am going to get these flying bugs if it takes me all day!!!
(I had these same toys for him in the hospital but he didn't show much interest then. I found them this weekend and brought them out, and WOW what a difference! He is obsessed with them now and finds great joy trying to "get them." Love seeing this amazing progress!)

Mommy, for real. A doggie hat?
(This has to be one of my all time favorite photos of sweet Max! Could he be ANY cuter???)

Yummmmmmy...Mommy's glasses are delicious!
(Max LOVES to take my glasses off and play with them!)

Mommy, look I have a foot!
(That day was Max's VERY first time to touch his exciting! Another milestone!)
Just chillin' in the beautiful weather! Mom was busy trying to get our yard ready for spring. We must have been a sight...Mom brought out my O2 tank, milk machine, right there in the front yard. She is getting very good with making me "portable." She thinks the fresh air is good for me...I agree! :)
(Very hard to weed when your son is looking this precious!)


elle said...

yum love the glasses on his face how can you see with out them lol great pics ylu can read mine at

Drew said...

Great pics! Makes me miss you guys even more. I love the fact that you are keeping him "portable."


Meredith said...

Max is just too cute! I want to smother him with smoochies. Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous photos!


Steph said...

AWESOME PICS!!! the doggie hat pic is TOO CUTE!

he looks bigger to me already!

yay that he touched his foot! way to go mr. max!

love you guys,

Cedie L Mock said...

Max is so adorable!