Wednesday, May 10, 2006


To put it simply, it was a very long night...short on sleep, long on "interventions" with Maxwell. He required significantly more oxygen through the night and finally at one time, I had to wake him up because he was on such a high amount yet his sats were too low. Multiple suctioning attempts later, he was able to go back to sleep and kept his sats high again on the increased O2 level.

He seems to be feeling a tad better this morning...I just got my first "happy dance" and smile. Had not seen that for past 20 hours or so. That is always ressuring. His happy dance is the cutest thing ever!

And after a difficult night, it was wonderful to wake up this morning to so many supportive, loving emails. Thank you for trying to understand. Even if you don't know what it is like to have a special needs kiddo or the dealings of a divorce, I appreciate your empathy. And I appreciate everyone just letting me vent from time to time!


yp said...

Dear Amy-

You are absolutely right - Mighty Max is just unimaginably adorable all wadded up on the changing table pad - how incredibly incredibly precious! I just read through the most recent parts of your blog (I have been a long time silent fan :o) ) I am so sorry for all you have to slog through right now - and I agree, it is incredibly hard to ask for help....I think you are doing an amazing job - dealing with it, accepting it, moving forward with it, loving Max and enjoying yourselves. Take good care - I am currently hoping for a mucous free night with high O2 sats and good sleep for you both-

with love,
Yuka Keith's mom from the CHARGE list

Cedie L Mock said...

We agree with Yuka!

One day we will have to let Cedie and Max meet. They can compare "war" stories :-)

Have a great day!

Jennifer and Cedie

ang said...
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ang said...

I hope little one is on the mend now.

Please have someone make a video diary of you for two weeks. Video getting ready for the dr.'s, church, drug store, park. Video the alarms going off 50-100 times a night. Video you making calls to all these organizations that your ex thinks are out there and willing to help do "HIS" job. Video you talking confessional into the camera..Share your frustrations..Show the judge and your ex what life is like in Max's world. Show the judge how much equipment and supplies you have to take with you to go to the grocery store, the drug store, the gas station. I think it would be therapeutic for you as well to see how much you do for him. How much you've accomplished.

Ok shutting up and going back into my corner.

Kerry said...

Amy - I'm happy to hear you got the "happy dance" this morning. I hope that mean that Max is feeling better. I'm praying for good health for Max, strength for you, and a successful end to the divorce proceedings. And, above all, do NOT feel like it's your fault that you didn't see Max's dad for who he really is!


kathryn biel said...

I am glad that Max is doing better today. I had a feeling that he was having a rough weekend. I hope you know that thoughts and prayers are with you and Max always. He is absolutely gorgeous (as if you didn't know that already). I hope you (both) can get some rest tonight.

God Bless,
Kate (PT from the CHARGE list)

Kirstin said...

Amy-- I'm sorry to hear that you had a rough night...However, I am glad to know you did finally get a "Happy Dance"...Big hugs and lot of love...

elle said...

i was sick yesterday to vomiting clasic charge abdo migraine bertter today

elle said...

ang love that idea

Moriah (zandysmom) said...

Hi Amy,
I'm soooo sorry for the long night! I really really wish I was closer so I could help. Do you still have my number? Call me anytime if you would like to talk or vent... anything!