Thursday, May 11, 2006


Typically we do the inhaler several times a day to help Maxwell's lungs. However, with the virus we have increased that to every four hours and added in an additional medication. Fortunately, Max likes to help me with the treatments! He is so funny about it! :) In the hospital, he despised it and would twist and turn in attempts to get away. But in recent months, he decided it was quite fun, and sometimes he tries to hold it himself or other times he wants to suck on it like his toys! :) It might take a lot longer to get the treatments completed, but at least he enjoys it!

Mommy, don't worry...I got it. How many breaths again?

All done!

Here you can take it now Mommy...I feel much better.


ang said...

very sweet. love the pictures

elle said...

lvoe how it says his name on it how cute

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Max is such a cutey! I love the pictures. I absolutely love the ones of him procrastinating before bed with his little feet up in the air!

I hope Max is feeling better. We would love to see you again soon. Dylan wants to see if he and Max can go to the park? Maybe take the puppies?

Kristy and Dylan

Ruthie said...

I see a future doctor in the making! Too adorable!