Wednesday, May 10, 2006


How adorable is this little bundle of sweetness? He would not let go of me after the bath...and when he finally did, he stayed in a little ball. So sweet and irrestible! :)

My lil' sweetheart finally went to sleep and looks much more peaceful and comfortable than today. Hoping this continues through the night. The gorgeous blanket was a gift from our very talented Aunt Sue. :)


Mary Karr said...


You are so adorable all bundled up after your bath.

I love how you hold your little hands while you sleep. Looks like you just said your prayers. I pray that you feel better soon.

I wish I were there to hold you and to help Mommy so she could get some sleep.

Love you both.

Meredith said...


You are the most beautiful angel! I hope you feel better very soon.

Aunt Mere

Drew said...

So cute. Hope you feel better little buddy.


Anonymous said...

Precious, absolutely precious.

Kirstin said...

Max - You are soo sweet. You can melt anyone. Big kisses and lots of love to you and your mommy...Kirstin

elle said...

love the blanket

Ruthie said...

He really does look peaceful. Amy you are doing a great job. Every time you look at him I want you to see that.
Take care-

Steph said...

oh my goodness!! how is this possible? he gets cuter and cuter every day! and i can smell that amazing lavendar bath soap that you use on it. i want to love maxwell up so much! PLEASE give him hugs and kisses from me!

and i sure hope you're going to celebrate yourself on mother's day in a way that gives you joy...what an incredible mommy you are to that sweet lil' guy.

love you both...and hope so much that max gets rid of this bug soon, and that you can get some rest...
xoxo steph