Friday, May 12, 2006


Cedie is a sweet lil' girl with CHARGE, who was born just one week prior to Maxwell. She has spent her entire life (minus one week) in the hospital...yet she continues to smile for her mommy and give love to everyone around her. These CHARGE kiddos have quite the spirit about them!

Today Cedie is undergoing an open lung biopsy. Her mom is asking for prayers for her baby, the surgeons, nurses, and family. Thank you everyone! I know your prayers worked amazing wonders for Maxwell...let's do the same for Cedie! :)

* After following Mighty Max's blog, Cedie's mommy decided to do one for her baby too. YAY! You can read all about Cedie at


Anonymous said...

Prayers going up..

Like the new colors of your blog..

shari said...

Amy- I started reading about you and Max a few weeks ago. Cedie is my cousin's granddaughter. It is so wonderful to read all of the kind words and to see the great support this is for all of the CHARGEr families! Your son is precious- and while I can only imagine what you and Max go through on a daily basis- you have each other :-) You are a very strong woman and a great mom for Max. I pray all is well with the both of you- sounds like you both had a rough week. I hope you both have a relaxing- healthy weekend! Cedie and Max and many of the other children I have been reading about are such strong and determined babies! God has a wonderful purpose for each of them.
Max takes beautiful photos.

elle said...

all our chargers need one i love charge people

Cedie L Mock said...


You are so sweet to have done this! With all that you have going on, it makes me feel so special that you would find time to think abot my lil angel. God bless you and Max- one of the cutest lil guys I've ever seen! I feel very honored.

Thank you,

Jennifer Mock & Cedie

BTW- Cedie is doing so much better than anyone expected. O, the power of prayer!!!

Steph said...

Praying for Cedie...hoping that she did well over the weekened post-biopsy.

On a separate note, Happy Mother's Day Amy! Please let us know how you spent your day, pics and all.


Sara B said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of my all time favorite mamas!! I hope you and Max had a GREAT day!!


Sarah Key Storrs said...

Happy Mom's Day to the most dedicated mom I know. Max is so blessed to have you as his mother and #1 Fan!

Love, Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan