Friday, June 23, 2006


We were so disappointed today when we got a phone call from Sarah, mom to Evan (11 month old CHARGEr), telling us that their lil' guy ended up being admitted to the Children's Hospital PICU last night due to respiratory problems. :( Additionally his Gtube came out and wouldn't go back in. Yikes. These kiddos sure know how to keep their parents and their doctors on their toes!

Evan's father, Jeremy, is a wonderful stay-at-home dad and had the wonderful adventure of transporting Evan from their home to the E.R. at Children's, which typically is a two hour trip. However, they got caught up in major traffic and I believe they ran out of oxygen, he needed suctioning, etc. and by the time they arrived Evan wasn't doing all too well. Very scary!

He is supposed to be discharged the floor this afternoon if his respiratory problems subside to the point of not needing constant nebulizer treatments. So while he certainly won't be able to join us for the party (we were all so excited to get together!), at least he will be out of the intensive care unit. That's always a good sign!

But these kind of episodes are always a harsh reminder of how fragile these lil' guys are. Their bodies simply don't work as well as others...and the littlest of problems can turn out to be something major. (On a side note, I probably should stop referring to Evan as a "lil' guy"...this crazy guy is now weighing in at 22 pounds!!! Whoa!)

Evan, get better soon silly...we will miss you terribly tomorrow! And no more E.R. or PICU visits, ok? :)


ang said...

Sending prayers up for the little ones and their families tonight. May the Lord bless them and keep them safe tonight and every night.

Cedie L Mock said...

Sending prayers to Evan and his family.

Amy, you are so sweet to think of Evan and Cedie. I hope that one day Max, Cedie, and Evan can all meet. Maybe they can all discuss what great moms they have :-)

Anyway, hope the party went smoothly. Happy birthday again Mighty Max!

Beth said...

I loved the video montage. What a great gift for all of us to see. Happy Birthday big guy and many more !!!!!