Sunday, June 18, 2006


Yep, I think that time is coming...time for another nose surgery. Darnit!!! His right nasal passage appears to be blocked. I have noticed in recent weeks that it was increasingly difficult to suction that side, and this morning I was not able to get through at all. To Max's dismay, I repeatedly tried and tried and no success.

I am tempted to call the ENT on call doctor to arrange something for first thing in the morning, but I know they would rather I wait until tomorrow to make the schedule. I don't like when these "discoveries" happen on the weekend and I have to wait. It's not an "emergency" but I just want to get an appointment and the procedure scheduled ASAP.

Fortunately the other passage appears to be satisfactory and so his breathing might be slightly more labored, but not terribly.

I am hoping we can do this procedure quickly and that it will not require an overnight stay. Poor lil' guy. He was so sad this morning when I was trying to suction him...I just wish he could understand that I am doing all of this for his own good. Fortunately "mommy love" was able to calm him down afterwards, and then I gave him a nice warm, relaxing bath and he was happy once again. We'll keep you posted.


Steph said...

Oh man! So bummed to read that Max may have to have another nose surgery...please give him some love from me too!

Thinking of you guys...please let us know how Maxwell's doctor appointment goes.

So glad that you were able to have a nurse for a night. How often will that be possible?

Lots of love,

RebeccaA said...

Sorry to read about Max's nose. And his emerging cold. I do hope it doesn't sideline his party on Saturday. We are looking forward to seeing you and meeting Max.
Cameron and Nathan's mom

Tricia Clary said...


We think of you and Max daily.

All our love,
Tricia, Shawn & Kyle Clary

elle said...

stupid nose im lucky i have cleft palate and nasal refulx as they call it

Off Route 75 said...

Hope the little guy is doing OK. We're praying for you guys down here in Southern WV.

Hannah said...

I hope he doesn't have to have surgery! He's such a precious little boy and you are obviously a wonderful mommy. I teared up when you wrote about "mommy love" because it's so hard to watch your child feel badly and comforting them always feels so good. You are his world.