Thursday, June 22, 2006


Below is a link to a video collection I did to celebrate the roller coaster of Maxwell's first year! Hope you enjoy! :) The second song "Mighty Max, The Unstoppable Boy" is a song written by our friend Dan Mello just for our amazing lil' guy. Thanks Dan!

View this video montage created at One True Media
Happy Birthday Mighty Max!


Lori said...

Max, what a year you've had! We truly "can't wait to see the places you will go, Mighty Max, the unstoppable boy!"
The Mellos

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful video, and your friend NAILED it on the song. My son is now humming that song..We can't wait to see you in person Saturday..

Have a Happy Birthday Max!!

We love you

kathryn biel said...

Let the waterworks begin. Congratulations on the first year, many wishes of happiness, health and peace for the coming years! God Bless you both on this special day!

Happy birthday!

RebeccaA said...

Loved the video! Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!
Cameron and Nathan's mom

Amy_M said...

Beautiful little Max, beautiful song. Thanks so much for sharing!

Happy 1st Birthday, Mighty Max!

iman said...

Max HAppy Happy Birthday!!!!
You have proved to us all that you are with out a doubt Mighty Max!!!
Your mom sure knows how to get people to cry, your video is too precious for words. I was trying to pick a favorite pic. but I just couldn't.
Can't wait to see you Saturday.
MAy all your wishes come true.

elle said...

well who ever said june wasnt a good month tjere u have the heat we have to cold but sitll we have two miraculous chargers who has over coem all odds LOL and you will keep doing so maybe its soemthing to do with with our star sign that i believe in that stuff but you never KNOW i mean it is also an illness hugs ellen

Off Route 75 said...

That's a great video! I linked it to my site! Again, he is such a precious little boy!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful montage, happy birthday little one.

Sarah said...

What an awesome video!! I don't think I made it through the first minute without crying... What a blessing you have there.

Sarah in WV

Drew said...

Love the video. Mighty Max is incredible. Happy first year big guy.