Saturday, July 22, 2006


YAY! My amazing, handsome, very strong, smart and a lil' crazy cousin, THOMAS HENRY BOYLE, is turning ONE today! WOW! Happy Birthday Tom Tom!

Seems just like yesterday Mommy got a call at the hospital (where I was) from Aunt Eliz saying you might want to head home...Tom Tom might be arriving tonight! And what an arrival Thomas had! Aunt Eliz and Uncle Jim were very brave and had a home birth...what a change from my arrival!

Mom is very proud to be an aunt to this beautiful, incredible lil' man. He is developing super, super fast and wows us just about every day with his latest accomplishment! In the past few weeks he started taking a few steps, and then this week he decided heck with it...I'm walking! And now this guy is cruising all over the place and he even has learned how to water the flowers! He is sooooooooooooooo smart. I think he and Jackson are going to be very helpful to me in years to come! They are my best buddies in the whole wide world! :) Thanks guys for everything.

Happy Birthday Tom Tom! Mom and I love you very much and are so proud of you! YOU ROCK!!! (Or is that...YOU WALK???) :)

Love, Mighty Max

* And I have been feeling MUCH better these past few days, so I am off of oxygen during the day. That will be make it so much easier for us at Thomas's party today! YAY! Plus there are going to be ponies at the party! Definitely gotta go, enjoy the fun and celebrate Tom Tom's life! :)

Thomas getting the tool kit ready for his daddy!

Silly Papa is tickling us!

Aunt Elizabeth and Cousin Tom Tom smiling at me!

Thomas playing with me at my birthday party!


ang said...

Happy B-Day Tom Tom!!!

Hope you have a great day!!

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Hooray! Happy Birthday Tom Tom! You are a cutie and congratulations on your newest accomplishment! I can't believe you are walking!

Kristy and Dylan

Mary Karr said...

Happy Birthday, Thomas! You are one fantastic little guy. Amazing that you are walking. I am so glad that Maxwell has you and Jackson close by.

Hope you have another amazing year.


elle said...

you have an amazing fam love u